This Month’s Featured Therapist

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Introducing Julie Smith. Julie has been with Cheshire Natural Health since we opened in 2005. An extremely qualified and experienced therapist, and a registered nurse, Julie offers a range of therapeutic treatments, including:

Massage – Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils, or a more invigorating Swedish massage, Julie can help.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Julie is experienced in working with clients suffering from fluid retention after surgery, during pregnancy and due to medication.

Endermologie – Natural effective treatments for face and body. Firms loose skin, softens wrinkles and eliminates stubborn body fat.

MLD/ Endermologie for ‘Heavy legs’ – highly effective combination of treatments for tired heavy legs which have a tendency to retain fluid.

Colonic Hydrotherapy – Great for those suffering from bloating, constipation or looking for a detox.

Ear Wax removal – gentle treatment using the traditional water irrigation method.

Phlebotomy service – Julie is experienced and registered to take blood for private clients requiring blood tests for variety of purposes, including allergy testing, hormone level testing, and testing for vitamin deficiencies.