Professional Ear Wax Removal

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Our Ear Wax Removal Services are carried out by experienced Audiologist Nish Vasant from Fresh Hearing, and Cheshire Natural Health Practice Nurse, Julie Smith

We offer two different types of ear wax removal: Irrigation and Microsuction.

Both are services to remove ear wax professionally from the ears, and require an expert qualification in Clinical Ear Care to carry out.

Products like Earol can be used to soften ear wax at home, but it is recommended that the actual removal of earwax is done professionally at a clinic to prevent any risk of injury to the ear.

Ear irrigation involves using a pressurised flow of water to remove the build-up of earwax. An electronic ear irrigator is used, rather than a metal syringe (which was used in the past), to avoid damaging the ear. The irrigator has a variable pressure control so that syringing can begin at the lowest pressure. During the procedure, a controlled flow of warm water will be squirted into your ear canal to clean out the earwax. They may also uses an auriscope to examine the inside of your ear to check the wax is loosening. Ear irrigation is a painless procedure, but your ear may feel strange as the water is squirted around your ear canal.

Microsuction is a wax-removal technique using a binocular operating microscope, which allows the practitioner to see deep within the ear. A very fine sterile suction device is used at low pressure to remove the wax. Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove very hard wax. The technique means that we can always see what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin of the sides of the ear canal, making the process a lot more comfortable. Microsuction is the method preferred by medical staff and patients alike for guaranteed effective removal of wax. Unlike traditional forms of wax removal, using ear wax softening drops for a week is not always necessary and in most cases the wax can be removed safely within minutes by a trained professional.

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