Osteopathy for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy should be a wonderful period in a woman’s life, however not everyone has a good experience. Pregnancy osteopathy can support the emotional and physical changes a woman goes through during and after pregnancy. Hormones will be secreted in order to help the woman’s body adapt to the physical changes by encouraging ligaments to relax in order to accommodate the growing baby and to help prepare the pelvis for labour.

A subsequent change in centre of gravity, increased demand on muscles, joints and ligaments as well as organ reorientation could lead to the following symptoms:

  • Neck, upper and/or lower back ache
  • Symphysis pubis and pelvic girdle pain
  • General aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Nausea, heartburn
  • Breathing difficulties and rib pain
  • Swelling in legs, varicose veins

Osteopathy is suitable for any stage of pregnancy both pre- and post-natal and will be adapted to every patient and pregnancy in order to find a point of balance. A well- managed pregnancy will help prepare the woman and baby to find the optimal position for labour, and help limit stresses and strains to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

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