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Kat Holden

Kat Holden

NLP Coach and EFT Practitioner

Life Coaching Testimonials

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Life Coaching

“ Kat is a woman that I could share my visions and fears with. Her experience and passion for life, plus her honest insights were valuable beyond words. She brought fresh perspective into my life and her knowledge and experience kept me focused and motivated. ”

Victoria Miller-Wise


“ I started working with Kat because I felt ‘out of control’. Kat has shown me how physical and mental health are inextricably linked, and how to break habits. I’m now thinking about what I eat and drink, how I spend my time, how I value myself and how I relate to others in daily life. I feel much more in control and more relaxed. I feel ready to make even bigger changes. Kat is endlessly positive and supportive and it is a pleasure working with her. ”

Member of The Vitality Club


“ Katrina is inspiring and motivating and committed to bringing her integrity and experience to all her clients. ”

Vanessa Rothwell


“ Katrina’s fresh perspective has constantly kept me motivated and on track in achieving my goals. Her expertise has undoubtedly resulted in an increase in my health, happiness and self-worth. ”

Trish Edwards


“ Katrina is intuitive, honest and empathetic… As part of my business marketing strategy, I wanted to be able to speak more confidently to groups. I worked with Kat on her EFT programme to raise my confidence and overcome my nerves. Since completing Kat’s programme, not only am I a confident speaker, I value myself more too and have gone on to share my learnings with my colleagues to enable them to value themselves and their services too. Now, if I ever do start to feel nervous, I use the tapping sequence that Kat taught me to take me out of my overwhelm. Kat has helped me a great deal and given me the confidence I need to deal with any issues that arise in business and life. ”

Jenny Philp


“ Since working with Kat I have learnt a great deal about myself and I’m loving it. She is very inspirational, motivational and supportive. Whenever she talks she has a certain way about her, a great communicator. She has given me back my confidence to face some very difficult memories from years ago. With Kat by my side I feel as if I could cope with whatever is thrown at me, she’s a rock. ”

Lesley Tabner


“ Katrina Holden’s Vitality Programme has revolutionised my thinking and totally changed my life. ”

Elaine Patrick


“ Kat is a confident and talented coach. She commands a wonderful balance of strength and compassion in each coaching session. As a coach myself, I appreciate the breadth of tools and resources she has mastered and her ability to call upon the very right one in every instance. I have grown tremendously while working with Kat both personally and professionally. She doesn’t allow me to get caught up in my own mindset games and gives me the space and security to explore new ideas and challenges. I look forward to every coaching conversation I have with Kat and would recommend her to anyone. ”

Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen


“ When I signed up to work with Kat, I was stuck. I had been through a lot, come out of the other side and yet had no answer to the ‘now what?’ question, let alone how to get there. My toolbox was locked shut. I couldn’t figure out how to move forward and in which direction, let alone which tool to use to get unstuck.
The 90 days back to life course has proved to do exactly what it said on the strap line.
The initial sessions gave me new insights and let go of the things that have been holding me back for years. Gradually I was able to figure out my options and unlock my toolbox, seeing what I can use to find out what I can aim for.
Now I am in a much better place, have more things in my toolbox that are easy to access and am working towards my compelling future.

Signing up for the course was the best thing I did this year. Thank you Kat. ”

Louise Delaney

Life Coaching

Goals can help you define, improve or even change your life. The role of a life coach is to work with you on creating a plan that will help you accomplish your goals and move you towards a better life.

Do you feel like you have potential that is yet to be fully realised? Do you feel at a crossroads in your life? Uncertain about the right decision? If so, I can help you focus your thoughts and desires.

A life coach is very different from a therapist, psychologist or a mentor. A psychologist’s role is to listen and to keep you analysing and speaking about your past, whereas a coach’s role is to question what you are saying and doing and offer you strategies on how to move forward from your past, into a new and wonderful future.

As your life coach I will support you as you discover the real you, remove your blocks and allow you to create a life you genuinely love – I will support you as you take responsibility and those necessary action steps to transform your dreams into reality.

If you want to make changes in your life but have no idea how to get started you will benefit from working with me. I can assist you if you’re trying to build a career, if you feel stuck and incapable of moving forward or if you’ve been through or are currently experiencing a major challenge and don’t know how to cope with it.

Coaching is not therapy. The goals of therapy and life coaching are very different. Therapy assists people to get through emotional or psychological problems like fear, anxiety and depression – if this is you right now – then we would start our sessions with EFT before moving onto any coaching sessions.

As your coach I will tell you the truth without sugar coating it. You will learn some hard truths about yourself and about the things you do and that prevent you from reaching your full potential. If you’re an action taker and feel you need someone to light a fire, to push and help you to focus, then I’m the right person for you.

Our Life Coaching Therapists

Kat Holden

Kat Holden

Kat is a qualified NLP Coach and EFT Practitioner working with men and women from all walks of life, with all kinds of challenges.

If you are burning out, feel unfulfilled, lost or overwhelmed then Kat will help you to reconnect, to find that balance, to feel healthy and strong, connected, happy, engaged, and in love with life once more.

Kat has 20+ years of professional experience and has worked around the world in the private and public sector. She knows first-hand the challenges that come with working in a highly competitive environment and dealing with stress, overwhelm and imposter syndrome – all the while trying to remain authentic to yourself.

Kat began coaching over 10 years ago. Her ‘ah-ha’ moment came during 7 long years of serious illness. It was then she discovered the power of coaching, personal development and modern psychology. Unsurprisingly as Kat discovered who she was at her core, healed past traumas and fears, she grew stronger and began to thrive; her happiness and confidence exploded.

Of course, everyone around her wanted to know how this transformation came about including the doctors and specialists who had become an everyday part of life, so in 2014 Kat created her Coaching & Consulting company to revolutionise the way we live and work.

Today, Kat works with exceptional people all over the world, helping them to figure out how to define their lives in a positive, healthy and fulfilling way, helping them to discover their best selves and live their very best lives.

Sincerity, humour, wisdom, strength, are some of the words used to describe Kat and her working style, making her a highly sought-after coach and facilitator. She combines her personal experiences and commercial background with training in EFT and NLP to design bespoke programmes that inspire and transform.

Kat has spent many years travelling the world. Additionally, she has created two successful businesses, invests in and renovates property and communities across the UK. She’s a qualified NLP and EFT Practitioner and is an ambassador for thriving after cancer.

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Life Coaching prices.

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Our Life Coaching is ideally located in South Warrington, Cheshire, just 1 minute from J10 on the M56 (View Map) Cheshire Natural Health’s fully trained Life Coaching practitioners treat clients who travel from various locations to use our services, not just the local Warrington & Cheshire areas, including Chester | Manchester | Liverpool | Wirral | Bolton | Northwich | Winsford | Stockport | Wilmslow | Hale | Altrincham | Sale | Macclesfield | Buxton | Wigan | Southport & across the Cheshire & North West region.

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