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Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones

Infant Feeding Specialist
Lactation Consultant
Tongue Tie Practitioner
Registered Midwife

New Infant Feeding clinic at Cheshire Natural Health, Stretton.

Cheshire Natural Health are delighted to introduce Sharon Jones, certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Tongue Tie Practitioner and Registered Midwife, who will be offering her specialist services at the Stretton clinic from this month.

Sharon works in the NHS as an Infant Feeding Lead and her passion has always been about supporting new parents in breastfeeding. She has many years’ experience as a midwife and has worked both in the hospital environment and the local community. Sharon is joining the team at Cheshire Natural Health at Stretton, providing a full range of infant feeding services.

Sharon is passionate about breast feeding and supporting parents at such a special time in their life. The support she provides enables parents to build confidence, helping them to understand their baby and build knowledge in their chosen feeding method. Whether breastfeeding, expressing or formula feeding, or a combination of all, Sharon is happy to support parents.

Believing that a very important aspect of supporting new parents is to ensure they are given evidence based information, Sharon enables them to make better informed choices. Supporting new parents in the early days and weeks to build in confidence, and empowering them to achieve their goals is an extremely rewarding part of her role.

Sharon provides a tongue tie division service for all babies up to age 16 weeks. She divides tongue ties for both breast and bottle-fed infants who are experiencing feeding difficulties because of tongue tie.

Tongue tie occurs when the frenulum (the piece of skin that connects the floor of the mouth to the base of tongue) restricts the movement of the tongue. There are many different types of tongue tie. Tongue tie can affect each baby differently, some more than others. The most important issue is: Does it affect you or how your baby feeds?

It is vital that parents receive the right support and help in the early days/weeks, as not all tongue ties require dividing.

Difficulties in feeding can present in different ways, eg:

• Not maintaining latch
• Sore/painful nipples
• Unsettled baby – fussy at the breast, wind/colic
• Milk supply reduced
• Mastitis/thrush
• Poor/static weight gain

• Excessive dribbling – changing teat/bottle not making any difference
• Baby tires taking the feed managing small volumes
• Taking a long time to complete feed

Parents may speak to Sharon directly to discuss any feeding issues, arrange assessment and postnatal feeding support. Parents can be assured of a prompt and one to one service. In addition, parents will have the chance to arrange antenatal education and preparation sessions on a one to one basis/or a small group session during pregnancy.

Sharon is fully insured and a registered member of the Royal College of Midwives, International Board of Lactation Consultants, Lactation Consultants of Great Britain and member of the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners.

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