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Paula Cornes

Paula Cornes

Dip (Counselling)Psychotherapy
Relationship Therapy
Dip Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner


Hypnotherapy Testimonials

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” I have been seeing Paula for a few months now and I can’t believe how much better I feel. The clinic is decorated beautifully and Karen makes the most wonderful tea! In addition, Karen oozes efficiency and always remembers my name. She is courteous too and is extremely helpful when making appointments and paying. Thank you all for making my visits something to look forward to and not arduous. ”


” I came to Cheshire Natural Health looking for an alternative to yo yo dieting and the many faddy plans that I had tried over the years. My weight was out of control and I wanted to find the reason for my bad eating habits, as I hadn’t always had these problems with my weight.

The sessions were relaxing and confidential so I could be completely honest about my issues and could address them properly.Even after just one session I was able to make better choices for my health and my young family.

My confidence in my decisions grew with each session and I have maintained this using the self-hypnosis recordings the hypnotherapist produced for me.

This programme has changed the way I think and feel about food and this has been reflected in my significant weight loss so far (18lbs in 3 months – with no dieting). I can’t recommend it enough! ”

(Helen, 2015) – Weight Loss, Confidence

Hypnotherapy for Health

Hypnotherapy can help you right now. We can help you find the key to unlock change through hypnosis – whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, want to increase your confidence, need to lose weight or stop smoking or even with relaxation for fertility and childbirth. Not all hypnotherapy is the same, and not all hypnotherapists are the same. As a qualified hypnotherapist, I use advanced techniques that make a real difference. Not only is this type of dynamic hypnotherapy wonderfully effective and enjoyable but it also helps to create the changes that you want to think and feel differently about yourself and help you with feel more in control. Below are some of the issues hypnotherapy can help you with:

● Stress and anxiety
● Stop Smoking
● Weight Loss
● Relax for Childbirth
● Improve Self-Confidence
● Control Pain
● Depression
● Fear and Phobias (eg. fear of flying/ public speaking/ agoraphobia)
● Insomnia
● Control their life
● Low Self Esteem/Low Confidence
● Panic Attacks
● Fertility
● Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for the above issues are based on a minimum of 3 sessions this I feel is realistic for me to be able to work with you to the best of my ability and attention, to address the issues you present and to help with the changes you wish to achieve.

If your issue is not covered by the ones listed please be advised that I would still want to have a commitment of at least three sessions.  This is discounted as a programme and is less expensive than individual session costs.

We also offer Hypnotherapy for Health programmes that have been designed to help with the following issues

  • Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Low Self Esteem/Low Confidence
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Drink Less Alcohol
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Stop Smoking

Read more about Hypnotherapy for Health here

PLEASE NOTE: £50 deposit required when booking an appointment for any of the above. Pleased call reception to pay. This is fully refundable when 48 hours notice is given of cancellation. Deposit will not be refunded for cancellations the day before or on the day of appointment.

Our Hypnotherapy Therapists

Paula Cornes

Paula provides hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in an integrated approach which is warm, interactive, attentive and compassionate. This enables clients to effectively address life’s challenges and psychological issues such as phobias, stress, stopping smoking and achieving weight loss. Using Hypnotherapy is a wonderful relaxing and effective way to assist you to make positive changes.

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Cancellation the day before or on the day = Full charge
Any appointment not attended on the day = Full Charge

Circumstance can mean that sometimes for an urgent reason you may not be able to attend your appointment… This will be up to the receptionist’s discretion whether the charge is waived or not.

Multiple Cancellations
Due to the high demand of my appointments, I will now operate a non refundable deposit system for any client booking where there are multiple cancellations. This will be 50% of the Appointment charge.

2 easy ways to book an appointment.

1. Call us on 01925 730123
2. Use our 24 hour online appointment booking system.
Easy to use and you can specify a time and date to suit your requirements, even request a particular therapist!

Hypnotherapy for Health prices.

£50 deposit required when booking.

4 session programme: 1×1.5 hour plus 3x 1 hour sessions:

Our hypnotherapy is ideally located in South Warrington, Cheshire, just 1 minute from J10 on the M56 (View Map) Cheshire Natural Health’s fully trained clinical hypnotherapy practitioners treat clients who travel from various locations to use our services, not just the local Warrington & Cheshire areas, including Chester | Manchester | Liverpool | Wirral | Bolton | Northwich | Winsford | Stockport | Wilmslow | Hale | Altrincham | Sale | Macclesfield | Buxton | Wigan | Southport & across the Cheshire & North West region.

Hypnotherapy Warrington | Hypnotherapy for weight issues; problems, stopping smoking; giving up smoking, for addictions problems; unwanted, bad habits, Phobias; irrational fears, Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), for Pain Control, Anxiety; panic attacks & stress relief, self esteem problems, sexuality issues, grief, anger management & relationship issues. Hypnotherapy for fertility problems. Children and teenagers: dental phobia, nail biting, exam anxiety, bed wetting, poor concentration, thumb sucking, image issues.


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