Hypnotherapy for Health

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So how can hypnotherapy help?

In order for us to change habits that we see as unhealthy, irrational or even fearful we need to build positive associations around them to be able to bring about subconscious change. This is change that comes from within, the power of what we think we become. Our brains patterns are matched from past experiences. By looking at deeper feelings that trigger our habits or fears we can change the way we think and feel. Using a combination of therapeutic modalities, Hypnosis can help to create a healthier, happier and ultimately more confident you that feels in control and can then let go of those unhelpful triggers and drivers.

Hypnotherapy for Health are four week Programmes that have been designed to help with the following issues:

  • Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Low Self Esteem/Low Confidence
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Drink Less Alcohol

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Please note: Cancellation of an appointment with less than 48 hrs notice will result in the programme being reduced by one session.