HRT – or Herbal Medicine?

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HRT is back in the headlines. An Oxford study has found it raises the risk of breast cancer by up to a third, and that the extra risk can last for 10 years or more after stopping treatment.

But symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and night sweats can make life a misery – for women with severe symptoms just battling on without treatment isn’t an option.  Herbal medicine is an alternative that works well for many.

Over the years our herbalist, Natalia Kerkham, has helped hundreds of women suffering with menopausal symptoms.  Broken sleep (or even no sleep at all) due to night sweats is the most common reason for seeking help.  For most, a simple combination of herbs calms down the symptoms and makes life worth living again.

Herbal medicine works very differently from HRT.  HRT replaces hormones that are at a lower level as you approach menopause.  In effect, it stops you from going through the menopause at all, by keeping your hormones indefinitely at the same levels they were during the childbearing years.  This also means that if you ever stop taking it you’re likely to go through menopause, symptoms and all.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, simply treats the symptoms of menopause while your body adapts to the lower levels of hormones that are natural in later life.  If you’re troubled by sweats, sage works well to dry them.  Black cohosh helps to cool hot flushes, with hops for a good night’s sleep.  Natalia add more herbs as needed to relieve other symptoms such as anxiety, aching joints or poor memory, and to restore hormone balance.

The menopause is a normal, natural process not a disease.  The aim of herbal treatment is to keep you healthy and happy while you go through it, so that you emerge full of energy and ready to make the most of the next stage of life.

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