Heart Focussed Breathing (Heartmath)

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In her nutrition practice, Angela regularly sees people who are experiencing symptoms that can often be largely attributed to the stress in their lives, either current issues or traumas from the past.  Stress can lead to an increase in the level of the adrenal hormone, cortisol.  High levels of cortisol can have wide ranging health implications for many people, including digestive and hormonal issues, and low energy levels.  Many of us are often not fully aware of the impact that stress can have on our health.

Angela’s nutritional therapy and functional medicine programmes can help individuals with their symptoms, by testing for adrenal and thyroid function, and optimising energy, mood and digestion through dietary and lifestyle measures. However, Angela is now also offering breathwork as an approach to help people to explore and manage the issues in their lives that are causing the stress which may be contributing to their symptoms.  This has proved popular with a wide range of individuals seeking better health.

Heart-focused breathing techniques and strategies are easy to learn and with practise can help you to manage the challenges of modern-day living, in the moment, even when you are sitting in that traffic jam!

The benefits of heart-focused breathing include:

  • De-stressing from the challenging situations in your life, whether they are big or small
  • Building your resilience and boosting your ability to take charge of yourself, by better regulation of your energy throughout the day
  • Exploring energy management concepts to help you see where you may be draining your energy and depleting your reserves
  • Learning science-based techniques to change the way your body’s physiology responds to stress

Automatic stress reactions then won’t dictate how you feel, respond and perform, whether you’re at work, at home or just socialising.

You will be better able to get in sync and back on track right in the moment.  No one will even know you are using the techniques!

One-to-one coaching sessions

Angela offers 3 one-hour coaching sessions to help you explore these techniques and to learn how to use them in a variety of situations to help optimise your energy and performance.

These sessions are separate to nutrition appointments.  However, nutritional therapy and breathwork sessions complement each other well.  You can book appointments for one or the other, or both.

Cost:  3 x one hour heart-focused breathing sessions, booked at 7-10 day intervals   –   £225.00 payable in advance

Additional sessions, if appropriate, will be charged at £70/hr

Group coaching sessions

Why not share the cost with friends or family, or even those in your workplace?  Alternatively, come alone and meet like-minded supportive “friends”.  Learn from and support each other, generate a feeling of calm and purpose in your lives.

Angela will be running regular 3-hour workshops on Sunday mornings from 10am to 1pm, to introduce the basics of heart-focused breathing.  Groups are limited to 6 people only (on a first come first served basis) to allow for plenty of discussion and interaction.  Please note that these group sessions are for anyone wanting an introduction the benefits of heart-focused breathing to deal with their everyday stresses.  One to one sessions would be more appropriate to deal with more confidential and complex issues.  Although the techniques learned here can be applied to these more complex issues, they will not specifically be addressed within a group setting. Please check with reception for dates of future courses.

Cost:  £60.00 per person

2 easy ways to book an appointment.

1. Call us on 01925 730123
2. Use our 24 hour online appointment booking system.
Easy to use and you can specify a time and date to suit your requirements, even request a particular therapist!



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