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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping sends a message to the flight and fight part of your brain and you immediately calm down.

The technique is a combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese acupressure wisdom.

If you have experienced a traumatic event, or you struggle with limiting beliefs, addictions or phobia’s, these can cause energy blocks in your body causing physical and emotional pain.

After Tapping, those blocks are released, your brain rewires its neural pathways and you no longer process your thoughts or emotions the way you did before. You take back control and start to live life on your terms.

Imagine blasting away irrational fears as they enter your mind or overcoming a traumatic event that has stifled some part of your life – maybe in the past you’ve been offered a promotion and you immediately said no because you didn’t believe you could do it… You no longer have to try to suppress negative emotions or thoughts because as they enter your awareness, you can safely and painlessly let them go.

EFT takes the sting out of the negative feelings or reactions you currently have, or have had for years, resulting in a painless reaction to the same memory.

Research has shown EFT has successfully treated anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, phobias, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, panic attacks, attention deficit disorder, hypertension, social anxiety, joint pain, headaches, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and many more.

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About Kat Holden

Kat is a qualified NLP Coach and EFT Practitioner working with men and women from all walks of life, with all kinds of challenges.

If you are burning out, feel unfulfilled, lost or overwhelmed then Kat will help you to reconnect, to find that balance, to feel healthy and strong, connected, happy, engaged, and in love with life once more.

Kat has 20+ years of professional experience and has worked around the world in the private and public sector. She knows first-hand the challenges that come with working in a highly competitive environment and dealing with stress, overwhelm and imposter syndrome – all the while trying to remain authentic to yourself.

Kat began coaching over 10 years ago. Her ‘ah-ha’ moment came during 7 long years of serious illness. It was then she discovered the power of coaching, personal development and modern psychology. Unsurprisingly as Kat discovered who she was at her core, healed past traumas and fears, she grew stronger and began to thrive; her happiness and confidence exploded.

Of course, everyone around her wanted to know how this transformation came about including the doctors and specialists who had become an everyday part of life, so in 2014 Kat created her Coaching & Consulting company to revolutionise the way we live and work.

Today, Kat works with exceptional people all over the world, helping them to figure out how to define their lives in a positive, healthy and fulfilling way, helping them to discover their best selves and live their very best lives.

Sincerity, humour, wisdom, strength, are some of the words used to describe Kat and her working style, making her a highly sought-after coach and facilitator. She combines her personal experiences and commercial background with training in EFT and NLP to design bespoke programmes that inspire and transform.

Kat has spent many years travelling the world. Additionally, she has created two successful businesses, invests in and renovates property and communities across the UK. She’s a qualified NLP and EFT Practitioner and is an ambassador for thriving after cancer.


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