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” Painful knees..? As we get older, it’s inevitable, isn’t it..- or can something be done?
Well, last year I complained to a friend that my knees were really sore and painful in the joints, sometimes being so bad that I found it difficult to walk around or even sit in a car for more than an hour without knee pain. This friend said that he, too, had experienced very painful knees and knee joints – until he had been for 3 or 4 sessions of acupuncture.

Now, he doesn’t suffer with knee pain any more – and I have to say that I’ve so far only had two sessions with Mandy but, well, my knees are a lot better (still not totally cured but what do you expect after just two sessions?) – so much so that I was able to stand and walk around for long periods at a recent wedding and reception my wife and I were invited to (we even danced, would you believe!)

So, I’m about to book another six sessions (have you heard about the 6 for 5 deal..?) with Mandy for the next six weeks leading up to our holiday in June, when I’m hoping to be fit and well enough to go walking (and even hiking, perhaps) through the hills of Croatia.

So if you’re experiencing any kind of knee joint aches and pains, I’d certainly recommend you book a consultation slot with Mandy (can be done online to suit you) as soon as you can!
Best wishes – and remember healthy knees are happy knees! ”

” Amazing staff who are kind and really helpful. Lots of treatments available for all sorts of problems. Highly recommend.

Fantastic, lovely therapists and all the treatments you’ll ever need under the one roof! Highly recommended. ”

K. Taylor

” Carl’s acupuncture treatments have helped both mentally and physically. Working holistically he helps you identify any improvements you can make I am definitely a healthier, happier person since our sessions started. I was even able to reduce thyroid medication amounts after acupuncture and a few simple lifestyle changes. ”

” I have been coming to CNH for just under 3 months, initially for fertility reasons. I see Carl for my acupuncture who is fantastic. On my first consultation he gave me so much information, more than I have received from any hospital and he totally put my mind at rest. I thoroughly enjoy my 2 appointments each month and cant recommend him highly enough. ”

” Mandy was recommended to me by the IVF clinic my husband and I are going to.On my initial assessment with Mandy I was an absolute mess! I was suffering with depression,a stressful job,trying to lose weight to increase fertility chances and on the whole I felt completely trapped inside my own body emotionally.At this appointment Mandy was so patient,and was able to understand my personality straight away. I couldn’t believe that in 1.5hrs she knew what type of person I was and my strengths and weaknesses. The way she listened and spoke to me was overwhelming “at last!” I thought someone understands me and knows how I am feeling.

I have had 6 treatments so far (once a week) and I have never felt better in my whole life!I feel balanced and free from anxiety. I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder 8 years ago and this is the first time I have felt so good! I have increased confidence and feel I can tackle anything. This is all thanks to Mandy. I have had acupuncture in the past but never the 5element Mandy does.I feel balanced in my mind body and soul and ready to embark on IVF journey. I truly can’t believe how good I feel!

I would not go anywhere else. Mandy is professional and I am so glad she has cured me! I was a caterpillar trapped inside its shell before I saw Mandy now she has freed me and I am now a flying butterfly. I really wouldn’t have been able to get through these past few months without Mandy she is my saviour. You don’t just get needles put into you, Mandy is able to counsel you through your experience and she never rushes you. She explains everything she does with care and guidance.

Thank you Mandy for rescuing me!! ”

” I am seeing Mandy with regard to a long standing problem with migraines and I am delighted with the results.

Migraines are very painful and debilitating. Pain in the head feels incredibly invasive – almost like a personal assault. Acupuncture has played an instrumental role in giving me my life back. The frequency and intensity of my migraines has reduced significantly and I feel confident that there will be further improvement in the weeks and months to come.

Mandy is a highly skilled, thoughtful and insightful practitioner. She is also gentle, patient and reassuring. She listens intently to what you say and seeks to recognise and resolve any underlying issues. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the presenting problem. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Thank You ”

” After 30 years of trying to deal with my Anxiety issues, I contacted Mandy to look at an alternative Acupuncture treatment. Over the course of just a few sessions, I have experienced signs of settlement in my condition with a reduction in my medication from 15 to 10mg. I consider this change to be a step in the right direction with an eventual goal of becoming medication free.
I would certainly recommend giving Acupuncture a try, you have nothing to lose.
Thanks again Mandy ”

Bob H

” After years of intermittent sleep problems going back to my early childhood and following discontinuation of sedatives, I felt at my wits end through lack of sleep. I turned to Google, which led me to acupuncture and onto Mandy. Thank you Google and thank you Mandy. Mandy is an extremely experienced, calm and thorough practitioner. She takes time to look at the bigger picture and to really understand you as a person and then tailor her treatment based on you rather than your symptoms. My sleep is wonderful now and I am calm and relaxed as well. I have been thrown a few curve balls since Mandy started treating me and her amazing skills have helped me sail through these. Five Elements acupuncture has intrigued me so much that Mandy and I have been discussing me studying it.

Mandy also referred me to the resident Osteopath at Cheshire Natural Heath. If you are not averse to a deep massage followed by some back cracking, I would definitely recommend this too. I have so much more physical flexibility, can bend, turn and am no longer hunched up. It has freed all my muscles and helped me on my way back again to the posture I had when I was younger whilst treating other back issues too.

Thank you to both ”

” I have been having Acupuncture treatment combined with Chinese herbs at Cheshire Natural Health for insomnia and night time hot flushes/ sweats. I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of sleep and the hot flushes have stopped. I would certainly recommend the treatment for anyone suffering from menopausal symptoms. ”

CF, Warrington

” I have been coming to Cheshire Natural Health for a range of treatments to improve my general health and fertility before IVF. I found reflexology and hypnotherapy very relaxing and helped to give me a more positive attitude. I used acupuncture alongside IVF and am very pleased to have become pregnant on the 1st cycle of IVF. I am continuing to have acupuncture through the pregnancy to maintain my health and wellbeing. I have been extremely please with my treatments at Cheshire Natural Health and have recommended the clinic to family and friends. ”

Mrs M, Warrington

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

” After moving house in 2009 and doing a lot of lifting, I started to get severe lower back pain which was referring down my right leg manifesting itself as a constant throbbing in my knee and pins and needles in my foot.

At the time I worked for a company which had private medical cover so I was sent for a scan at the Spire hospital, Stretton. The scan showed that I had a L5-S1 perforated and herniated disc which was pushing onto my sciatic nerve.

The consultant recommended that I have physiotherapy which would be paid for under the medical cover. This physio was, at best, only slightly effective.

Over the next 3 years, my pain increased to the extent that I could no longer sit on the sofa at home, I found it excruciating to drive, I was waking up very early in the morning (3am) to lie on the floor because the pain was so bad, and I could not sit at my desk in work for longer than 10 minutes before I had to stand up and walk around.

I was getting quite fraught at this point, it was actually debilitating. Before the injury I was very active and flexible: I used to teach Southern Shaolin Kung Fu which I could no longer do, I could no longer go to the gym and so my health was deteriorating which had the knock on consequence of affecting mental health too – looking back, I was probably quite depressed.

Because I was in so much pain for so long, I was getting more and more difficult to live with due to lack of sleep, depression and the reduction in my quality of life. I was at the point of going to the doctors and requesting surgery to replace the disc – this was not ideal due to the complications associated with it like paralysis, it actually not reducing the pain etc.

By chance, in December 2012, my wife and I were watching Jonathan Ross and he was interviewing Bear Grylls who was talking about his life in the paratroopers. He explained that he had a severe back injury when landing after a parachute jump and that he some treatment which cured it. This led us to look on the internet about which treatment he had and we found out it was Bowen.

As a last ditch attempt to reduce my pain and hopefully not requiring me to go for surgery, we looked in the local area for Bowen therapists, and found Sheila Hind at Cheshire Natural Health so I booked myself in.

The first session involved an assessment – both verbal and physical – by Sheila to help her understand my level of pain and how best to treat me. She then started using the technique on me. At the end of the session, Sheila recommended I wait four weeks before coming back just to see how I got on. Sheila said that I may see initial improvement which may tail off.

A week after this first session, I was amazed to find that I was sleeping right through and not waking up in pain, I could sit on the sofa at home and my general wellbeing had improved by approximately 50%. The pain had not gone but it had significantly reduced. Towards the end of the fourth week I started to feel a bit more discomfort.
After the second session, I was approximately 80% better and could actually return to gentle exercise at the gym and very gentle stretching which gave me a mental boost with the added advantage of sleeping well, being able to drive without any pain and being able to sit on the sofa.

After the third session, I peaked at 100% better for about a week and fell back to 80% better where I stayed until my fourth session. Between the third and fourth session, Sheila recommended I gave it six weeks as opposed to four to see how I got on.

I am now on my sixth session with Sheila and have not gone below 90% better. My quality of life has improved significantly in terms of sleeping, activity, driving, and sitting at my desk in work. I feel indebted to Sheila and what she has done for me and I can’t overstate enough how much her skill at Bowen therapy has helped. My injury will never go away unless I have surgery so the best I can do is manage it. Sheila has given me the best way I have found of doing this and I will continue to go to her as and when I need Bowen.

Without a moments’ hesitation I would recommend Sheila Hind for Bowen therapy. ”

Stephen Hare


Pamela: Comparing the three months before starting the therapies with the three following months, I find the differences amazing. I felt on a plateau, struggling to return to work and to increase the hours I worked to full time. My energy levels were low, I was frustrated and the discomfort in my arm was restrictive. In the three months since starting the therapy I have increased the hours I work back to full time and still have enough energy to enjoy the weekend. Feeling in my arm has returned and the previous discomfort has lessened considerably. I recommend it to all my friends and colleagues whenever I can. 22/4/2005.

Donna: I ache for a few days after the treatment, as if I have exercised then the aching goes and I feel much ‘freer’ than previously. The initial treatments helped me to relax and the benefits of this were an improvement in concentration and energy levels. This continued to be there even after my operation in December and I also began to feel uplifted in myself. After my “all clear” the physical benefits in my leg became obvious as the treatments were adjusted to focus on recovery there. 23/4/2005

Bob: For the last two years Bob has had severe angina with pain occurring over many hours. He has a “TENS” machine which he finds very helpful in pain relief for his angina attacks. He also has constant shoulder pain due to cervical spondylosis. He is unable to do any form of physical work and finds this very depressing.

Bob came for his sixth treatment in late April but went home without it; don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. He looked happy and relaxed and reported “My shoulder pain has virtually gone – I’m down from 10 to 2 pain killers a day and I’m taking the TENS machine back to the Doctors. I can now work- I laid paving slabs over the weekend. !” Bob was advised not to over do things and to gradually build up his activities being careful not to rush things. Although he enjoys his treatments he was delighted to be well enough not to need one.


5 Treatments for Stress, back neck pain
” I was first introduced to Bowen therapy by a friend at work. She was experiencing hip problems and said that she found that the technique worked in alleviating the pain and aiding her well-being. At the time I was suffering with an old recurring whip-lash injury. With a little caution, I decided to give it a whirl and after one session I found a marked improvement. After a return visit my symptoms completely disappeared.

The Bowen therapist that I had seen previously unfortunately no longer practises, so the next time I required treatment turned to the Bowen therapist at Cheshire Natural Health(CNH). This time I had just experienced a rather stressful period in my life, which caused my neck injury to return and further back complications.

The Bowen treatment experienced at CNH was far better than my previous treatments. The therapist treated me over a few months and my general health, stress, neck and back problems improved and I started to feel normal person again.

Bowen is a great therapy that works with your whole body – and stimulates the body to heal itself. It is a gentle, but effective therapy. After a treatment session, it may be a few days before you feel the full effects, but the effects are noticeable in the problem area and your whole body feels restored.

I strongly recommend Bowen therapy at Cheshire Natural Health and so much so that family and friends also attend and all agree – it’s simply the best form of treatment. ”

Julie Goodwin

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy

” I met with a lovely lady today called Angela for a .
As soon as met her I felt at ease, she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all talking about such a private matter.
She spent time with me and explained a lot about the digestive system and how the body works, which In turn has given me a lot more knowledge and has helped tremendously with my diet, food AND WATER intake.
I feel soooo much better after my treatment and now feel back on track!
Thank you again Angela ”

” I would just like to say thank you to Angela. I had an appointment with her on Tuesday. I was so happy with the outcome of it! Not only has it it left me feeling a lot better within myself but also having a better understanding of food and the breakdown of it. I have never been on any type of an appointment before where the specialist has gone into so much detail with me about everything. Angela is very professional and a very nice caring person. I will definitely be coming back to her in the future. ”

” Just wanted to send thanks to Angela for my colonic therapy treatment I had Tuesday 8th. Angela made me feel at ease straight away and will definitely recommend your business. It has been very positive! ”

” I had my first ever yesterday and i highly recommend this treatment! I was very anxious on my arrival as i did not know what to expect. I was then introduced to Angela who performed my treatment and put me completely at ease. I was talked through everything before hand and it was a very relaxing environment. Angela listened to my concerns, offered a lot of advice and explained a lot of things to me. I can not recommend her enough! Also this morning i woke feeling more energetic than i have felt in a long time. ”

” I’m a fan of and have been having this treatment for years. Recently I had the best one ever with a wonderful lady called Angela Beasor.

Angela made me feel completely relaxed and gave me some excellent advice on other areas of health, she also was the first therapist to actually bother massaging my tummy during the procedure, which made a difference. “

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Life Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Life Coaching

“ Kat is a woman that I could share my visions and fears with. Her experience and passion for life, plus her honest insights were valuable beyond words. She brought fresh perspective into my life and her knowledge and experience kept me focused and motivated. ”

Victoria Miller-Wise

“ I started working with Kat because I felt ‘out of control’. Kat has shown me how physical and mental health are inextricably linked, and how to break habits. I’m now thinking about what I eat and drink, how I spend my time, how I value myself and how I relate to others in daily life. I feel much more in control and more relaxed. I feel ready to make even bigger changes. Kat is endlessly positive and supportive and it is a pleasure working with her. ”

Member of The Vitality Club

“ Katrina is inspiring and motivating and committed to bringing her integrity and experience to all her clients. ”

Vanessa Rothwell

“ Katrina’s fresh perspective has constantly kept me motivated and on track in achieving my goals. Her expertise has undoubtedly resulted in an increase in my health, happiness and self-worth. ”

Trish Edwards

“ Katrina is intuitive, honest and empathetic… As part of my business marketing strategy, I wanted to be able to speak more confidently to groups. I worked with Kat on her EFT programme to raise my confidence and overcome my nerves. Since completing Kat’s programme, not only am I a confident speaker, I value myself more too and have gone on to share my learnings with my colleagues to enable them to value themselves and their services too. Now, if I ever do start to feel nervous, I use the tapping sequence that Kat taught me to take me out of my overwhelm. Kat has helped me a great deal and given me the confidence I need to deal with any issues that arise in business and life. ”

Jenny Philp

“ Since working with Kat I have learnt a great deal about myself and I’m loving it. She is very inspirational, motivational and supportive. Whenever she talks she has a certain way about her, a great communicator. She has given me back my confidence to face some very difficult memories from years ago. With Kat by my side I feel as if I could cope with whatever is thrown at me, she’s a rock. ”

Lesley Tabner

“ Katrina Holden’s Vitality Programme has revolutionised my thinking and totally changed my life. ”

Elaine Patrick

“ Kat is a confident and talented coach. She commands a wonderful balance of strength and compassion in each coaching session. As a coach myself, I appreciate the breadth of tools and resources she has mastered and her ability to call upon the very right one in every instance. I have grown tremendously while working with Kat both personally and professionally. She doesn’t allow me to get caught up in my own mindset games and gives me the space and security to explore new ideas and challenges. I look forward to every coaching conversation I have with Kat and would recommend her to anyone. ”

Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen

“ When I signed up to work with Kat, I was stuck. I had been through a lot, come out of the other side and yet had no answer to the ‘now what?’ question, let alone how to get there. My toolbox was locked shut. I couldn’t figure out how to move forward and in which direction, let alone which tool to use to get unstuck.
The 90 days back to life course has proved to do exactly what it said on the strap line.
The initial sessions gave me new insights and let go of the things that have been holding me back for years. Gradually I was able to figure out my options and unlock my toolbox, seeing what I can use to find out what I can aim for.
Now I am in a much better place, have more things in my toolbox that are easy to access and am working towards my compelling future.

Signing up for the course was the best thing I did this year. Thank you Kat. ”

Louise Delaney



” Wow – where do I start?

The first thing to mention is the clinic itself. All the staff are extremely pleasant and friendly. They make you feel immediately at home, due to their warm, engaging and thoroughly professional approach.

And as for the treatment itself, well quite frankly this is the best anti-cellulite treatment I have ever experienced. For years (yes years) I have been trying to improve the appearance of my legs. They were lumpy and bumpy, the skin was not tight and there was no definition there. After a course of Endermologie, the lumps and bumps have gone, the skin is taut again and my legs are considerably more shapely. I am delighted with the outcome.

I thoroughly recommend this treatment for anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of their legs. I wish I had found it years ago! Thank you so so much Julie, I am totally indebted to you xx ”

” I would recommend Endermologie from Iris and Julie to anyone who wants to shift inches that the gym or exercise is not removing!

Endermologie is also excellent for toning and removing cellulite. I have lost many inches from the areas I was not happy with and that the gym was not improving – I now say I have my “Iris” body!!!

Endermologie on the face is great for firming and toning and gives a botox appearance without the botox – Excellent before a night out!

The treatment is not painful, and tailored to how you feel and what areas you feel need treating, without costing the earth.

I enjoy my Iris and Julie sessions and have a much better looking body because of them! ”

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

” I have been coming to CNH for a few months now, after struggling with hot flushes and anxiety attacks due to the menopause..
I spoke to Tracey who recommended Reflexology and an appointment with the Herbalist..
The two treatments together have helped immensely and made me feel like my normal self again. ”

Karen Hickman

Case history – herbal medicine/skin condition

” Mr L, a gentleman in his early 70’s, had been suffering with an itchy rash for about 2 years. His GP diagnosed eczema, while the specialist he saw at the hospital told him it was dry skin. The various creams they prescribed had not helped, and some had actually made things worse. As the rash started to spread, he decided to try herbal medicine.

I had to be careful in choosing which herbs to prescribe, because Mr L was taking medication for high blood pressure, and I had to be certain that my medicine would not interfere with it. However, I was able to give him a liquid medicine to take three times a day, plus a cream to put straight onto the rash.

Things started to improve quite quickly. Within a few days, the rash began to fade, and although a few new patches still came up, they faded away quickly. The itching also became less, and had stopped completely a fortnight after Mr L’s first appointment.
Just over a month after starting treatment, Mr L was virtually free of the rash and the itching that had made his life a misery for almost 2 years. “



” I have been amazed at the difference since having these treatments (Homeopathy and Reflexology). I am feeling extremely well. I would like to thank the team at Cheshire Natural Health for their help and advice. ”

Jane Rix, Knutsford

” Homeopathy has helped me tremendously and I have found it to be a fascinating and pleasant experience. ”

CP January 2006

” I have found Homeopathy to be very therapeutic and it has certainly enriched my life ”

SM January 2006

Homeopathy for Babies
” I had never really heard of homeopathy and certainly hadn’t given it a second thought for my new born baby. My daughter was born with a severe reflux problem. At 7 weeks old she weighed the same she did when she was born as she couldn’t keep any food down; I think you can only imagine how horrendous those first 7 weeks had been in and out of hospital. Having had a rollercoaster first few weeks the hospital told me there was nothing medically that could be done, only anti sickness drugs to try and stop her from being sick. As it is a mechanical problem with the oesophagus it didn’t seem likely to me that they would work, indeed they made no difference.

4 months into her short life the reflux was no better and she would projectile vomit 5-6 times a day. It was exhausting and really meant that we were house bound. I used to feed her with a bath towel over me and a sick bowl to hand. A friend mentioned homeopathy and at this point I would try anything. Again as this is medicine based I was sceptical but willing to give it a chance.

I went to see a homeopath a few days later and we had a 2 hour consultation. Some very random questions and I left the appointment really wondering how on earth it could work. I gave her 2 different remedies that day and then had some to give to her on subsequent days. From the moment of giving the remedy she was not sick for 48 hours which was unheard of in her life time. Then the sickness came back. I phoned the homeopath and she arranged a stronger remedy… this lasted for a week and within a month she didn’t reflux again for 2 months. It then started again on a regular basis, got another remedy and she has never refluxed since.

My Mum is the biggest sceptic in the world and even she was hard pushed to deny the evidence. The hospital had given me a projected end to the reflux of somewhere between 10-12 months.

A few months later I was pretty fed up of her persistent conjunctivitis. Having tried 3 lots of prescribed creams I phoned the homeopath to ask if there was anything I could have. I collected a remedy gave it to her that night and the next morning the yellow crusty eyes were gone. I found this very compelling indeed!

Since then my husband has had homeopathy for his hay fever. He no longer has hay fever!

I had then pretty much forgotten about homeopathy as we had a fairly healthy household. I had a second daughter and when I started to wean her from being breast fed to bottles and food she started to be sick all the time. I couldn’t believe it… more vomit! For 3 months the doctors kept telling me she had a virus. She would roll around screaming and being quite an aggressive little baby to be frank. I used to take her to the doctors each week to say she is being sick all the time, diarrhoea and not content at all but was always dismissed that she still had a virus. I finally got so annoyed that I booked to take her to see a consultant doctor privately. About 5 days before that appointment I decided to go to see the homeopath too to see if they could help with the vomiting. I was at my wits end. Again, after consultation, I got some remedies which we started the next day. Although the vomiting didn’t seem to change that much her mood certainly did. I then went to see the consultant and he diagnosed her with Cows Milk and Soya allergy. He told me it would take about 10-14 days for her digestion to settle with a new diet. Within 24 hours of her new diet she was back to her old self and both her vomiting and diarrhea had stopped. Clearly the vomiting wasn’t going to subside if I was still feeding her the food she was allergic to! I believe the remedy had settled her stomach much quicker than predicted and that once the allergic food was removed from her diet she settled so quickly because of the homeopathy.

For me, whilst I am not at all “new age” or particularly “alternative thinking”, I don’t feel that this evidence can be ignored. I know the traditional doctors laugh; I did tell them with my first child what I had done and they did just that………. I know it worked. I think the most compelling piece here is to ask yourself this question. “ If it was a placebo affect…. How on earth would that have worked on babies who can’t be influenced in this way? ”

AS, Lymm

Homeopathy for recurring sore throats
” I brought my 5 year old son Finley to the clinic to see Irene Roberts as he was suffering very acute constant sore throats so much so that he was booked in for a Tonsillectomy. After spending over 1 hour with Irene of which I found to be a very pleasant experience, we left with the prescribed remedies. Within a week the symptoms had improved so much that I cancelled Finley’s hospital procedure. I have been using the Homeopathic Remedies now for over a year for Finley and he is like a different boy he does still suffer occasionally from sore throats but I treat the condition with the required remedy and he is then back to himself within 24 hours.

I can’t thank Irene enough for not only her excellent consultation manner but her constant support and advice, a true professional working with a treatment that really does work! ”

Joanne Camilleri



” I have been seeing Paula for a few months now and I can’t believe how much better I feel. The clinic is decorated beautifully and Karen makes the most wonderful tea! In addition, Karen oozes efficiency and always remembers my name. She is courteous too and is extremely helpful when making appointments and paying. Thank you all for making my visits something to look forward to and not arduous. ”


” I came to Cheshire Natural Health looking for an alternative to yo yo dieting and the many faddy plans that I had tried over the years. My weight was out of control and I wanted to find the reason for my bad eating habits, as I hadn’t always had these problems with my weight.

The sessions were relaxing and confidential so I could be completely honest about my issues and could address them properly.Even after just one session I was able to make better choices for my health and my young family.

My confidence in my decisions grew with each session and I have maintained this using the self-hypnosis recordings the hypnotherapist produced for me.

This programme has changed the way I think and feel about food and this has been reflected in my significant weight loss so far (18lbs in 3 months – with no dieting). I can’t recommend it enough! ”

(Helen, 2015) – Weight Loss, Confidence



” Superb massage by Kate today.
The clinic is such a peaceful place you feel relaxed and in good hands as soon as you walk through the door.
I do quite a lot of running/cycling/weights classes and my body felt really tight and stiff.
After my treatment I felt like marching home legs felt so light and stretchy !!!!
Thanks Kate I will certainly be recommending you. ”

” I recently had a massage from Kate which has had a terrific effect on not only my physical but also mental well-being. Kate assessed my needs very thoroughly and pinpointed the areas requiring the most treatment very precisely. Having recently changed my diet, lost weight and improved my strength and fitness i was aware of my body being tight and in need of some loosening and stretching. Kates massage made me feel like I had a new body and two inches taller (in my dreams anyway!) ”

” I have been receiving body massage for approximately the last eighteen months. I have found the treatment extremely therapeutic – it has relieved a very painful neck and shoulders, which I have suffered with for a long time. It also leaves me with a tremendous sense of well being. I have also been treated with MLD and have found that it has helped me to clear infected sinuses, where in the past I have had to r3esort to medication. The MLD has improved the condition of my skin, helping to get rid of the puffiness which we all suffer from at times. I feel that regular treatments are important, helping me to prevent these painful conditions from developing in the first place. “



” As soon as you walk in the door you are felt welcome. Relaxed atmosphere. Saw Hannah with a neck problem. Very friendly, professional and helpful. Would highly recommend her. ”

” A big thank you to Hannah for manipulating my coccyx back into its proper position. Having slipped on oil on the floor I landed directly on to my coccyx, I was in agony, struggled to sit down and driving was near impossible. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to do my job anymore as a reflexologist which required sitting for an hour at a time. Hannah explained how my coccyx wasn’t curving back into its natural position on sitting, and instead was pointing straight down as it would be in a standing position. Amazingly after one treatment it made all the difference, and it progressively got better over a few weeks, eventually returning to normal, and I was able to do a long haul flight which up to that point I had been dreading ”

” At 20 odd weeks pregnant I started suffering with pelvic paid (SPD) and was struggling to walk, drive and even sit without being in pain. I knew I couldn’t continue like that for the rest of my pregnancy and decided to seek out an osteopath that could help… I luckily stumbled across Hannah, who has been absolutely brilliant. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the treatment with me being pregnant, but it has been invaluable. Hannah has taken the time to really understand my body and history with my previous pregnancy, my pelvic pain has been completely relieved, my posture feels much better, my shoulders are less tense and most importantly, Hannah was able to help encourage my breech baby into the head down position just in time for her to be born! I cannot recommend Hannah enough and the treatment she provides. I also found Hannah really easy to talk to, she remembers everything about your life that you have discussed, which just instantly made me feel comfortable around her. I found Hannah to be really professional and friendly and will continue to see her once my baby has been born.
Thanks again ”

Kate x

” Over the years I have been coming to CNH (can’t remember how many years now) I’ve had various problems and seen Tracey for reflexology, Hannah for osteopathy, Christine for physiotherapy and Kate for massages. I can’t praise any of them highly enough and their professionalism is of a very high standard, they are all very knowledgeable, friendly and caring people. There is a lovely calm atmosphere to the whole place and being one of their clients it is like being part of a big, happy family. I know how hard Tracey works to maintain this happy, relaxed atmosphere and the degree of professionalism that goes with it. CNH has become a very important part of my life and even if I had no physical problems at all (I wish!) I would still want to come for reflexology and the occasional massage as both these treatments are so relaxing – a necessity given the pace of life and modern living I believe. A heartfelt thank you to all of you. ”

” I suffer from spondylosis in my neck, which the specialist has told me can’t be fixed / will ever get better. What Hannah does for me is to help manage the pain in the best way possible. I’ve also had treatment for mid/lower back pain.
Hannah’s a friendly young lady, always looking beyond the initial treatment to see if there are underlying symptoms life situations that can also be triggering the pain, eg I also have migraines, and Hannah builds this into the treatment easing them too.
If you haven’t tried this treatment and you are in chronic pain, book an appointment – you won’t be sorry! ”

” I attend the CNH every week for either acupuncture or reflexology. On one occasion whilst chatting to Tracey I mentioned my dodgy hip! She suggested I make an appointment with Hannah which I did the following Thursday. Hannah was so professional, at my initial consultation she asked me so many questions and filled me with confidence. After 2 appointments she has cured me!!!! She is an absolute star – Thanks Hannah I can walk my dog again pain free. ”

” After suffering with back pain for well over a year and having seen an orthopedic consultant and receiving steroid injections that did not work, I was beginning to think that I would always be in some pain.
However, after seeing Hannah for just a few months I am now completely off all pain relief and feel like a new person!
Hannah is extremely professional, always attentive to any new issues and without doubt the best osteopath I have ever seen. ”


” After years of intermittent sleep problems going back to my early childhood and following discontinuation of sedatives, I felt at my wits end through lack of sleep. I turned to Google, which led me to acupuncture and onto Mandy. Thank you Google and thank you Mandy. Mandy is an extremely experienced, calm and thorough practitioner. She takes time to look at the bigger picture and to really understand you as a person and then tailor her treatment based on you rather than your symptoms. My sleep is wonderful now and I am calm and relaxed as well. I have been thrown a few curve balls since Mandy started treating me and her amazing skills have helped me sail through these. Five Elements acupuncture has intrigued me so much that Mandy and I have been discussing me studying it.

Mandy also referred me to the resident Osteopath at Cheshire Natural Heath. If you are not averse to a deep massage followed by some back cracking, I would definitely recommend this too. I have so much more physical flexibility, can bend, turn and am no longer hunched up. It has freed all my muscles and helped me on my way back again to the posture I had when I was younger whilst treating other back issues too. “



” I have recently visited Chris for the second time having had such a fantastic outcome from my first visit to her. Once again I have not been disappointed as she has sorted my shoulder problem. Chris is very thorough and efficient in her diagnosis of the problem. She gets straight to work with strategies to deal with the problem and bring much needed pain relief! I can also highly recommend acupuncture with Chris as that has worked really well for me. I have recommended Chris and Cheshire Natural Health to a number of people already and will continue to do so because I believe the quality of service from start to finish is excellent and Chris is brilliant at what she does- thank you! ”


” Having been in terrible pain with my neck and not being able to move it two different friends recommended Christine Whitley. I could not believe the difference after my first treatment. Felt like a new person. I had a further three appointments and after each one the improvement was amazing. Would highly recommend Christine. Not only did she sort my neck out but she made me feel very relaxed with her personal touch. The girls on the desk were also very friendly making the whole experience a pleasant one. ”

” I injured my back 30 years ago and it was recently getting worse so was suggested by my doctor. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement weekly. I now have some exercises to do and go to the clinic less, but would highly recommend Christine Whitley. ”

” Over the years I have been coming to CNH (can’t remember how many years now) I’ve had various problems and seen Tracey for reflexology, Hannah for osteopathy, Christine for and Kate for massages. I can’t praise any of them highly enough and their professionalism is of a very high standard, they are all very knowledgeable, friendly and caring people. There is a lovely calm atmosphere to the whole place and being one of their clients it is like being part of a big, happy family. I know how hard Tracey works to maintain this happy, relaxed atmosphere and the degree of professionalism that goes with it. CNH has become a very important part of my life and even if I had no physical problems at all (I wish!) I would still want to come for reflexology and the occasional massage as both these treatments are so relaxing – a necessity given the pace of life and modern living I believe. A heartfelt thank you to all of you. ”

” Unfortunately having been involved in a car accident I required Physio. I contacted Cheshire Natural Health and the customer service and care have both been Excellent. I received excellent care and advice from Christine and cant recommend her highly enough. Christine didnt just cure me off my aches and pains she added a real personal touch and it was a joy to attend treatment. Thanks Christine ”


” I had problems with pain in my leg. After only two visits to Christine I am now in a much happier state. She gave me exercises that I have religiously stuck to. By taking her advice I have benefitted enormously which I thought would not have been possible.Thank You Christine ”


” I have visited Christine for due to issues with my back. She has carefully listened to the trouble I’ve been having and between the exercises and some acupuncture I am much more confident I won’t be having the same issues I’ve had for such a long time.
Am writing this sat correctly on my gym ball!! Which I’d seen her sooner. ”


” I injured my back 30 years ago and it was recently getting worse so was suggested by my doctor. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement weekly. I now have some exercises to do and go to the clinic less, but would highly recommend Christine Whitley. ”

” I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris who has gently but firmly sorted out my neck problem. I walked in with my neck at a very strange angle, not able to move at all really and in severe pain, and walked out with an immediate improvement. Each time I visit I take a big step forwards so its a quick transformation. ”


” Excellent for Plantar Fasciitis by Christine Whitely over an extended period with sound advice, practical exercises, proper understanding and perfect care and it worked. Well done Christine. ”

” After a visit to a consultant who told me he could do nothing to help me I decided to phone the clinic for advise. The following day I saw Christine Whiteley for . What a good experience. Very good at what she does, also a good listener and people person. After the visits she helped me overcome a problem I was told earlier by a consultant he could do nothing to help me. Thank you Christine for your treatment, the professional way you work and the kind way in which you do it. Since your treatments I have had no problems. “



” This week I would like to highly recommend the fabulous Zoe Oughton from Relaxing Reflexology.
I was pregnant and 40 and had been told by the hospital that they wouldn’t want me to go over due because of my age. I was desperate for a natural birth and contacted Zoe in a bit of a flap just a week before my due date to see if reflexology might help.

Zoe was amazing and squeezed me in (last minute). What a truly lovely experience the reflexology session was and the ‘Relaxing’ part of her business name is well deserved.

The best bit is that I went into labour 2 days later and after a very quick natural labour I have a very healthy little boy. Just a week old now. ”

Thank you so so much Zoe.


” Hi Gossip Girls, I’d like to share how fantastic Zoe at Relaxing Reflexology is. I’ve suffered with chronic trochanteric bursitis for 2 years now and in that time had two steroid injections and a course of shockwave therapy none of which helped. I was in a lot of pain daily, could hardly walk any distance (even doing a supermarket run left me in pain for the rest of the day), in pain when sitting, in pain when standing etc. couldn’t get a decent night sleep and was pretty miserable. Someone then suggested that my lymph system may be blocked and having an impact on the inflammation in my leg so I booked a course of Reflexology Lymph Drainage with Zoe. In the past 6 weeks I’ve had 5 sessions, she’s absolutely lovely, I look forward to each one and feel completely relaxed afterwards but the best thing is that I’ve gone from not being able to walk up stairs properly (it was too painful to push up with my right leg) to now being able to handle stairs easily, from not being able to manage more than a couple of thousands steps in a day to now averaging around 7k without suffering from it. Overall I have more energy and I’m sleeping better (still not able to lie on my right side but no longer in agony at bedtime). I’m still a work in progress but already Zoe has helped me much more than a whole team of medical experts. ”


” After suffering complete burn out towards the end of 2018 one of my new year resolutions was to start allowing myself more ‘me time’. One of the things I decided to do was to book regular treatments to help me destress, sleep better and generally help with my wellbeing. One of these was a hot stone reflexology session with the lovely Zoë Oughton Relaxing Reflexology. The treatment itself is amazing, Zoe has such a lovely manner and made me feel so relaxed (I soon got over the worry of presenting her with my horrible feet!) I love having my feet massaged anyway but with the addition of the hot stones and Zoe’s magical touch it was 45 minutes of relaxation bliss! I felt pretty rubbish for a day or two after (which just shows how many toxins I had to get rid of!) but Zoe checked in with me regularly and offered tips to help me feel better. Within a few days though I was feeling great! I’ve got 2 more sessions booked in and can’t wait. One of the best things about Zoe is that she comes to you which means you can easily fit a treatment into your busy day without having to leave the house! THANK YOU Zoe! You are amazing. ”


” I love reflexology, for me it’s time to switch off and recuperate. Had my first reflexology session with Zoe Oughton from Relaxing Reflexology on Monday. Zoe is just wonderful. She forces you to relax. Something I need! It was great to be told to have a snooze while she gently massaged and rebalanced my body. Felt so peaceful. Definitely recommend Zoe. She’s wonderful. ”


Today, I would like to recommend Zoë Oughton at Relaxing Reflexology.

” I’m a reflexology virgin and wasn’t too sure what to expect but Zoe explained the treatment to me at the start and exactly what she was going to do. Oh my gosh! It was so good and relaxing, I actually nodded off a couple of times!!

For anyone whose not tried it, I would recommend giving it a go. Zoe is mobile so can come to your home or workplace.

Last night, I slept like a baby and today even at 6am in the morning, I felt I had an extra spring in my steps.

Thank you Zoe! You are amazing at what you do and Relaxing Reflexology truly lives up to it’s name. ”


” My 2nd recommendation today is for Zoë oughton at relaxing reflexology, who’s helped to completely transform my life.

5 years ago I had radical radiotherapy and was happy to have survived but left with long-term side effects which affected my mobility and flexibility. A chance conversation with a fellow survivor persuaded me to try lymph drainage reflexology with Zoe.

When I first met Zoe in September 18, I struggled to walk down stairs due to the lack of flex and stiffness in my legs. Yesterday I walked up (and down!) Snowdon. ”


” This week I visited Zoë Oughton at the Bramhall Osteopathic Clinic. Zoe owns Relaxing Reflexology

We had a good discussion at the start where Zoe offered some useful things to try. She went to explain exactly what I needed to do, what she would be doing and how it would feel. Plus she told me if I nodded off that was okay as lots of her clients do.

Afterwards I felt totally chilled out. Walking out of the clinic I was light on my feet and ready to face the rest of my day.

Zoe gave me some after care tips too. Even recommending me to visit a nearby GG member’s shop to pick up some things that would help along with some additional GG services I should check out.

Brilliant service – thank you Zoe ”


” I’d like to recommend Zoë Oughton for hot stone reflexology, I had a treatment last week and I completely switched off and relaxed. Zoe is mobile so comes to you, she brings a fantastic chair which Iies back which is so comfortable that I fell asleep! Zoe is so passionate about what she does, really a fantastic treatment. ”


” I’d like to recommend Zoë Oughton at Relaxing Reflexology.

My husband and I booked in for her super deluxe Hot Stone Aromatherapy Reflexology this week.

It was one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had! Such a gorgeous, luxurious and soothing treatment and we both slept so well that night and just felt really good.

If you are having trouble relaxing or need some time to just switch off and rest and recharge, or if you’re in need of a great nights sleep, this is the perfect treatment for you

Thank you Zoë we’ll be back for another session. ”


” If like to recommend Zoe from Relaxing Reflexology. I’m 41 weeks pregnant and had the most amazing treatment a few days ago.

Having a demanding 2 year old to look after has meant I haven’t really been able to take much time out for self care.

The hour I had with Zoe was lovely, she brought a chair which allowed me to lie back in total comfort, she explained everything and made me feel so relaxed I practically fell asleep.

I felt great afterwards – a little burst of energy then had the most deep sleep.

Highly recommended! Thanks Zoe Oughton ”


I would like to recommend Zoë Oughton from Relaxing Reflexology.
Wonderfully relaxing is the best way to describe my Reflexology treatment yesterday,
Zoe ensured I was really comfortable and made sure I knew what the treatment would involve. I’ve never had reflexology before and I was quite surprised how relaxing but firm Zoe made it feel. She highlighted some areas within my body that needed some tlc. Will definitely be booking in again. ”


” This lovely lady came to me to help prepare her body for pregnancy, and I’m over the moon to say she’s now carrying a little person inside her !

I first went to see Gaynor at the beginning of January in the hopes of conceiving later in the year. I have an autoimmune condition and have always been concerned it would effect my fertility so I wanted to be as prepared as I could be. Since coming off the pill two years before my cycle had been all over the place and had left me with some pretty nasty side effects. At my initial appointment Gaynor made me feel heard and informed and left me feeling so positive that she could help me. Within the month my cycle had gained some normality and I was more relaxed and sleeping better. The actual reflexology is unbelievably relaxing and it’s amazing the things she could pick up from just my feet, I’m always so excited for my next session. Gaynor doesn’t just offer reflexology, she checks in with you regularly to see how you’re getting on and to offer some invaluable advice. I’m now in my second trimester after one try the first month and genuinely put it down to the work Gaynor and I have done together. She also went out of her way to come and do a home visit to help with implantation when I couldn’t get to the clinic which I’ll be forever grateful for. I’ll be continuing my sessions throughout my pregnancy and can’t recommend it enough. Gaynor is a kind and lovely lady who you’ll be comfortable and at ease with, its not something you’ll ever regret doing. ”

” I first started my sessions with Gaynor last year.. I have got pcos and there was other issues we were faced with that was making it very difficult to conceive.. after going private and them saying that the next stop was IVF I just couldn’t accept that.. that was our last and only option.. I did some research and came across Reflexology.. I found Gaynor and to my delight found she specialised in women with pcos! I went very nervously to the first appointment feeling very vulnerable and sensitive to the ongoing heartache of not getting pregnant.. I had a little cry but I came out feeling so positive and thinking I’m definitely going to do this! It was the happiest I had felt in such a long time! Gaynor not only performed the reflexology she also had an incredible amount of knowledge about health and what we could be doing to better our chances! It was almost like “homework” that we could carry on after the sessions..she also stayed in regular contact and genuinely cared about our journey.. it was a breath of fresh air speaking to somebody who gave us the ability to feel like we were in control of our situation! I followed all of Gaynor’s advice had a break from the private clinic and we amazingly got pregnant with twins! All natural! Both are amazing and doing well now 13 weeks old! on top of all that we not only got pregnant but we were healthy and eating well! Plus the sessions are so relaxing! Don’t give up on your journey because Gaynor is a little glimmer of hope that we all need! Thank you Gaynor for everything! ”

” I first met Gaynor whilst I was undergoing IVF treatment in 2016. I was stressed and my body was exhausted! We managed to get three good embryos from our cycle but unfortunately our fresh transfer ended in an early miscarriage.

In 2017 I started seeing Gaynor again for regular treatments and whilst they were brilliant, she offered me so much more than this. Her help and support did not stop once the treatment room door closed behind me. Gaynor helped me to learn how to monitor my cycles, have additional tests done to rule out other problems, and gave me the confidence to question doctors and push for answers. Gaynor was always just a message away and happy to answer any questions I had.

Our FET sadly ended with another early miscarriage (my fourth). Gaynor was really supportive at all times and I discussed with her our next steps. I’d already had testing for recurrent miscarriages which all came back as ‘normal’.

When I had recovered, I continued with regular treatments and my cycle regulated. I started ovulating every month, something I had never seen before! I underwent further testing for natural killer cells which showed I had high levels and was to take steroids in the event I got pregnant again. Because of Gaynor’s help with regulating my cycle, I was able to have a natural FET this time which was much less stressful on me physically and mentally. This resulted in a positive pregnancy test and the birth of my beautiful son in July 2018.

I am so glad I found someone as skilled and caring as Gaynor, my only regret is that I did not find her before starting my IVF journey back in 2016, who knows, I may not have even needed to go through IVF 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would urge anyone seeing Gaynor or thinking of seeing her to take full advantage of her knowledge and skills, she really does know her stuff! ”

” Thank you Gaynor so much for the reflexology treatments (from pre conception to a week before my due date), they were relaxing and much needed. In addition the help you provided me with, the fertility knowledge, nutritional advice and a sympathetic ear was amazing. It was all above and beyond my expectations and provided me with knowledge and hope.

It’s been a whirlwind since the little ones arrival and I haven’t said thank you to you so, thank you for everything. I looked forward to each and every session. ”

” Having never had reflexology before I wasn’t sure what to expect. With Gaynor, not only are the sessions relaxing (which is of course is lovely) but you get so much more. Gaynor was so informative about nutrition and health and most of all fertility. So accessible, Gaynor will text you to see how your getting on and offer as much support as possible.

Like having your own fertility coach, the service from Gaynor was wonderful. I write this 32 weeks pregnant after two missed miscarriages, we’re looking forward to welcoming our baby soon ”

” I contacted the Clinic for advice on acute sinusitis which has bothered me on and off for years & I ideally didn’t want to start another course of antibiotics. They were so helpful and Tracey rang me back with various treatments I could try, recommending the initial one to be Reflexology. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never had that before but the Clinic is lovely and everybody there is very welcoming and friendly which put me at ease. I was really impressed with Reflexology, Tracey was very thorough and asked lots of questions to find out a full history before treatment. The treatment itself was lovely, very relaxing, and my symptoms started to ease gradually as the day went on but had significantly eased the day after. My severe facial pain severely reduced and I only had very slight pain when I went to a follow up appointment the week after. I would really recommend Reflexology and I will definitely have it again to keep the sinusitis at bay. I also really recommend Cheshire Natural Health, a really lovely, friendly place and exceedingly professional. ”

” Fantastic clinic. I have had reflexology and acupuncture at this clinic, both with great results. A well run and welcoming practice. Caring staff in a lovely environment-I would recommend to anyone! ”

Google review

” Tracy’s great reflexology will leave you relaxed and floating out of the door! The sessions I had even highlighted a thyroid issue before the GP. Lovely treatment for relaxing. ”

” Over the years I have been coming to CNH (can’t remember how many years now) I’ve had various problems and seen Tracey for reflexology, Hannah for osteopathy, Christine for physiotherapy and Kate for massages. I can’t praise any of them highly enough and their professionalism is of a very high standard, they are all very knowledgeable, friendly and caring people. There is a lovely calm atmosphere to the whole place and being one of their clients it is like being part of a big, happy family. I know how hard Tracey works to maintain this happy, relaxed atmosphere and the degree of professionalism that goes with it. CNH has become a very important part of my life and even if I had no physical problems at all (I wish!) I would still want to come for reflexology and the occasional massage as both these treatments are so relaxing – a necessity given the pace of life and modern living I believe. A heartfelt thank you to all of you. ”

” I have been going to Tracey for reflexology for 10 years. I first went to her after the birth of my 2nd child as I felt my hormones were not in balance. The treatments helped massively and I have gone ever since ever 4 to 6 weeks and could not imagine not having regular reflexology treatments for overall general health and wellbeing. ”


” My partner and I had been trying for children for around 8 months without success. I’m over 35 years of age and knew it may take a while but the anxiety and stress of it all had taken over completely and it was affecting my health and even ovulation. A friend of mine recommended reflexology as a possible option to help and so I searched the internet. I found Gaynor Almond online, saw really positive feedback, and so I sent an enquiry l. I received a response from Gaynor that day and I was booked in within days.

Gaynor has a wonderful way about her with people and it is obvious how much she cares about her clients. I have been so impressed with her knowledge about reflexology , fertility, as well as nutrition and lifestyle. Her treatments are incredibly soothing and relaxing and added to her expert input I have left feeling calmer, positive and in control again. Gaynor’ s treatments allowed me to release a lot of my anxiety and make me feel balanced again. Not to mention….after 4 treatments I had my first positive pregnancy result. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and cannot recommend Gaynor highly enough. I am continuing with my treatments because they are not only so lovely and relaxing but Gaynor consistently provides so much advice and so many pointers on positive health. ”


” Following the breakdown of my marriage back in 2007 Tracey was recommended to me by my Operations Manager – she’d had successful reflexology herself, and suggested I try it out to see if it could help me through a very stressful time – It was fantastic and is what got me through a very emotional time in my life. ”

” I’ve seen Tracey over the years for help with a wide range of symptoms – migraines; menopause; neck pain; and for general wellbeing ‘because you can’ treatments. Regardless what my issues were, I was always pleased with the outcome.
What is great about all the consultants at Cheshire Natural Health, is that if they think their treatment isn’t right for you, they tell you so, suggesting an alternative therapy that might work better for your symptoms.
Thank you Tracey for keeping me in better health for the last 9 years. I honestly don’t know what state my health would be in if I hadn’t been given your details all those years ago. ”

” I’ve been coming to see Gaynor for reflexology for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that the benefits I’ve experienced are life changing.
I was suffering from stress and had been very ill with an infection and on a course of very strong antibiotics for a couple of months. I had severe hormonal imbalance, wasn’t sleeping and I was rather depressed following 2 years of failed IVF treatment.
A couple of sessions with Gaynor have changed all that, I sleep so soundly particularly the night after having a session and my hormones have balanced out. I can’t thank Gaynor enough; she’s incredibly caring and takes time to tailor your treatment.
I know that Gaynor also specialises in infertility and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. ”


” I have been coming to see Tracey Turton for many years now 18 in total. I first became aware of reflexology when my mother in law suggested I tried it due to being pregnant and having kidney problems which I had been suffering from all my life. My mother in law had been having treatment for migraines and it had been working very well. I had just been into hospital for a short stay with protein in my water and an infection. Tracey first came to my home as I was too unwell to travel. I was about 18 weeks pregnant and was very aware I did not want to take any medication. At first Tracey took down a history of my health. I had told her I use to get conjunctivas a lot and had always been given antibiotics. Tracey informed me that the kidneys are connected to the eyes, which would explain the eye infections. After consultation with Tracey she told me that she would be able to help and it would probably take about 6 weeks before I started to feel better. In fact I felt worse at first then gradually started to feel better. My hands would sweat like mad during treatment which was all the toxins in my body coming out. Tracey told me she could feel grit on my feet where the position is for my kidneys. After several weeks I started to feel much better. In July my baby daughter was born and I had never felt so good. Since then I have been coming to see Tracey all these years. My daughter Amy who is the reflexology baby even comes to see Tracey who has helped her with some stomach problems and she has had session for her exams. I have recently lost my mum in November last year and became very stressed as a result, Tracey has helped me through this time. I would definitely recommend Tracey to any one if fact I have given quite a few people Tracey’s contact details over the years. Reflexology is fantastic it really works and is a great alternative to medicine. ”


” I had my first reflexology treatment in early 2014, me and my husband had been trying for a baby for almost 12 months with no luck. I had irregular cycles and following hospital early hospital tests I was informed I had not ovulated, while waiting for further appointments I decided to look at it other methods as I was so stressed and worried thinking I would never have a baby. I found Tracey on the internet and after 5 sessions of reflexology I was pregnant! I truly believe this was down to Tracey. I had been meaning to go back as it really helped me all round, however life has been so busy with work I didn’t get chance. We are now ready to have another other baby and following the discussion with my husband to start trying the next thing I did was book a reflexology session with Tracey!! I can not recommend her enough! ”

” I have been seeing Tracey for reflexology every other week for around 2 months, mainly to try and chill me out and assist with conception. She is fantastic and I don’t think I will ever be able to give it up. I feel so much better for it and I genuinely feel so much more relaxed, not just for that day but every day. It really is a special treatment – thanks TT ”

” I have been coming to CNH for a few months now, after struggling with hot flushes and anxiety attacks due to the menopause..
I spoke to Tracey who recommended Reflexology and an appointment with the Herbalist..
The two treatments together have helped immensely and made me feel like my normal self again. ”

Reflexology for Diabetes and pregnancy.

” I originally came for reflexology treatment during my first pregnancy after a recommendation of how relaxing it would be from a friend. I was very surprised by how someone working with your feet could have such an amazing affect on your health. I am a type 1 diabetic and so have to be constantly aware of sugar control, especially during pregnancy. With the help of Tracy, we managed my blood sugars exceptionally well. My diabetic nurse was surprised that my insulin requirements did not keep rising during the later stages of the pregnancy as she would have expected, but when I mentioned my reflexology she said, ‘That explains it!’ We later gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy.

After deciding to have a second baby, I attended more sessions of reflexology to try to become as healthy as I could be for the preconception stage. Tracy helped to reduce my erratic menstrual cycle length to a regular cycle that I could understand and we conceived first time! I have subsequently booked more sessions to help me through this pregnancy and look forward to each session very much. Equally our new baby appears to enjoy each session as much as I do and wriggles around when the womb area is being stimulated.

I would recommend reflexology to anyone, it gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing and with real health benefits. Thank you Tracey. ”

Helen Plant

” Can’t speak highly enough of Gaynor‘s support, skill as a reflexologist and all-round knowledge regarding natural fertility aids and conditions affecting fertility. My treatments with Gaynor were successful and I conceived twice whilst having weekly sessions.

Although she doesn’t make any claims to be a fertility expert as such, she is much more than a reflexologist focussing on fertility. From the outset she analysed my situation very methodically to understand how to approach the sessions and suggested a number of lifestyle adjustments and complimentary treatments / tests. She also taught me how to monitor my cycle and track ovulation. Her support does not start and end at the treatment room door. She is with you throughout the journey and in regular contact between treatments. Gaynor analysed my charting and hospital results and even encouraged me to question what I was being told medically.

Within a few months my previously erratic and long cycle was regular and reduced by a number of days. I then went on to conceive twice. Unfortunately, the first one did not work out but her treatments helped to get my body and cycle back on track and able to conceive again in a very short time.

Aside from all of this, her treatments are incredible (if you can stay awake…) ”

” My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a short time but I was feeling the pressure, and after researching holistic therapies I booked a reflexology appointment with Gaynor. I got pregnant after the first session, but sadly had a missed miscarriage.

I tried all sorts to assist my body to do what it needed to do at the time and it was only after a session with Gaynor that it did. I also had trouble getting my mind back to “normal” and had regular sessions with Gaynor. She offered a breadth of knowledge which was above and beyond what I expected and I left each session feeling positive about my fertility. I also on Gaynors recommendation went to counselling to deal with grief which really did give me strength and a positive attitude I felt I had lost.

Gaynor recommended my husband come to reflexology on his own one month. After a bit of persuasion he did and low and behold we got pregnant that weekend. We are going to meet our baby in a few short weeks. Even my husband recommends it now to his friends trying to conceive! ”

” Absolutely amazing service, far beyond regular reflexology, Gaynor offers personal fertility guidance and we were lucky enough to conceive on our first month with Gaynor after 7 months trying.”

” At 37 yrs old and suffering with recurrent miscarriages, all the test results pointed to me going through early menopause, and I was told IVF would be my only hope. I had a limited egg quantity left, which in turn usually means poor egg quality too, and the success rates with my test results were low even then.

I was put on a fertility drug before we proceeded to IVF in a last ditch attempt at plumping up my follicles and getting a healthy egg. I spent hours a day reading up about anything and everything that could help me. I ended up taking quite a few supplements, along side a healthy diet (being a personal trainer my diet was already pretty good) and I then read about fertility reflexology being able to help. So with that I had already heard great things about Cheshire natural health in Warrington and had heard a client talk about Gaynor who worked out of there. I booked an appointment with Gaynor and got started.

Gaynor was amazing and made me feel at ease talking about my fertility struggles and what I was going through, she advised some subtle changes to my diet and got me tracking some things during my cycle, she taught me what to do whilst at home out of her sessions and kept in touch throughout the month asking for updates on certain things. I started with her half way through a cycle and it was the second full cycle I had whilst seeing her that I got another positive pregnancy test, but this time it seems whatever my body needed to keep this baby, it had got, as I’m now in my third trimester with 9 weeks to go till I meet my baby girl …..I truly believe that Gaynor was the final help I needed to make this happen for us and I couldn’t recommend her enough ”

” It may sound out of context but thanks to my infertility issue I met Gaynor. Having to face such a difficult moment of my life meant feeling sad, nervous, depressed and very fragile. Gaynor represented for me not only an amazing expert in reflexology but also a superb human being who does her job beyond the hour of treatment. She is extremely prepared in what she is doing and follows you all the way through texting, researching and keeping in touch with you to understand on a regular basis how you feel in order to tailor each session according to your needs. She has gone out of her way to support me with her knowledge and her compassion. And definitely this made a difference in bringing my emotional state to a better place.
I truly believe her input in my journey is essential. Also the environment is very pleasant and well run. The lady at the reception Tracy greets you always with a smile and that also makes a difference.

Thank you Gaynor for all your precious assistance. The journey is not yet come to an end but with you by my side I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ”

” I had courses of reflexology here to help me through IVF and pregnancy and would highly recommend it. Tracey and her team provide a really relaxed environment and are all fantastic therapists. ”

Google review

” Me and my Husband had been trying for our first baby for 6 months. Although to some this might not seem long, I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay as this was our first time trying.

Having researched holistic treatments I’d come across Gaynor and decided to book an appointment. I found Gaynor friendly supportive but mostly really informative, Gaynor really does know her stuff! Not only did I find the reflexology relaxing and something for me! Gaynor helped me understand what I could be doing to support my fertility, looking at vitamins, diet and requesting blood test from my local doctors to see if there was anything else to be aware of. It turned out I had higher than normal prolactin levels. Gaynor Went out of her way to understand and support me through this, she did her own research and sent me articles to read, holistic treatments and tailored my reflexology appointments to help reduce my prolactin levels.

Within 2 months after discovering I had high prolactin levels I fell pregnant!!!

I am now 8 weeks due from delivery and I am so thankful for Gaynor’s support I truly believe her knowledge and dedication to her clients is why I am pregnant today. Throughout my course of reflexology sessions Gaynor would text to make sure I was okay, reflexology is more than a job to Gaynor she really does go over and above and truly cares for her clients.

Thank you Gaynor I will be forever grateful! ”

” After several miscarriages and being diagnosed with Uterine Killer Cells following a trial at Coventry, we thought we had the answer to our problems. Little did we know that 2 years later, we were still struggling to conceive (even though in the past, this had not been an issue).

We tried everything and were due to start ivf. I wanted to try something alternative and that’s when I came across Gaynor. After the first session – I was hooked. She gave amazing advice in relation to diet, allergies and to take all the inflammation away from the body. I started to feel more relaxed and charted temps. To our surprise- within 3 sessions and having the support, we were finally pregnant! Having found the complete balance definitely assisted and I can’t thank Gaynor enough.

Today I am now 34 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our baby arriving.

Thanks Gaynor! ”

” I have PCOS and while I conceived my first child without difficulty when we started trying for our second I discovered I wasn’t ovulating. After seeing the GP and Consultant I was prescribed clomid and luckily we conceived on our second cycle of 50mg and I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I started seeing Gaynor a couple of months before I started taking clomid. I was very anxious about everything and had read good things about reflexology. Gaynor was wonderful and really helped put my mind at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of experience working with women in similar situations to mine. The sessions were very relaxing and she always had lots of useful tips for me to try. She kept in regular contact outside of our sessions which I found a big source of support. I honestly couldn’t recommend Gaynor highly enough. ”

” Treatments with Gaynor are as relaxing as they are effective. I first started seeing Gaynor to help with my sinus trouble which improved significantly and then when we were planning our first baby. She was a valuable source of advice and relaxation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a reflexologist. ”

Reflexology for Ulcerative Colitis

” I have had reflexology treatment with Tracey to help manage my ulcerative colitis. I have found that my condition improves little by little with each treatment. It has also really helped with general relaxation and my overall sense of wellbeing. I would definitely recommend. ”

Emma Ward, age 28

Reflexology for shoulder pain and menopausal problems

” I had been suffering from night sweats, mood swings and anxiety attacks. Reflexology treatment with Tracey has really helped, and has also helped with shoulder pain. ”

Elizabeth Lea, age 63, Warrington

” After suffering a period of Insomnia as a result of Anxiety, at my wits end I decided to try Reflexology in the hope of restoring my body’s normal sleep pattern. The Reflexologist was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable and I was amazed that after just the first session my sleep gradually improved.

Over the weeks and course of three sessions my sleep increased until eventually it returned 100%.

The sessions were thoroughly relaxing and I am so grateful to Tracey at Cheshire Natural Health, that this treatment aided my recovery.

” I was referred here by the nurse at our local GP’s surgery for menopausal problems. I was having problems sleeping, hot flushes and tension.

After the first session I could feel more relaxed but after 3 or 4, there was a definite improvement in the sleeping condition and in the hot flushes as well.

I’ve continued coming in monthly so that the benefits continue and also the main part, I find, is it’s totally relaxing. ”

Ann Jackson, Warrington

” I had my first reflexology treatment about 2 years ago. I rang Cheshire Natural Health because I just didn’t feel right but there was nothing my GP could do to help other than give me painkillers for my period pain which made me light headed and woozy. I had just been through a particularly stressful period at work, my periods were extremely painful, prolonged, heavy, and irregular, and I was constantly tired and just ‘out of sorts’. Reflexology was recommended as a treatment that might be able to help – my family asked ‘how can a foot massage possibly help?’

During my first treatment there was a particularly painful area around my big toe and the base of my big toe on both feet – I didn’t know this was the area representing my shoulder and neck at the time. As I explained why my neck and shoulder were painful and as Tracey worked this area more and more I just burst into tears. I had no idea why, or where this had come from, as I am not a tearful person.

On reflection we can only put this down to trapped emotion as a result of a traumatic accident I had been in several months earlier and the injuries I had sustained. Following that first treatment I was quite tearful and delicate for a few days but slowly my neck and shoulders started to feel better and I felt better in myself – I was also able to start talking about the accident as well which I hadn’t been able to do previously.

Reflexology has continued to help my neck and shoulders, and the area always feel much more comfortable and less tight after a treatment – even though that wasn’t the reason why I originally went as I thought I would just have to live with the residual discomfort from my accident.

I have continued to have reflexology about every four weeks – I think of it as a treatment to reset everything. My periods are still irregular at times but I have much less pain that I used to get and I feel much more able to cope with my busy life – I just feel better in myself again.

I would really miss my reflexology treatment – and when I get my timing right and have my treatment on the day of my period it is just wonderful! ”

” I have suffered from a rare form of psoriatic arthritis affecting my hands and feet for many years, after completing a course of 6 reflexology treatments with Tracey I can honestly say its one of the best things I have ever done, not only are the treatments very relaxing I have noticed an improvement in my joints which are more flexible and not as painful, I am also sleeping much better as result, which has improved my general wellbeing. I look forward to my monthly appointments with Tracey, reflexology is a treatment I would recommend to anyone who suffers with arthritis and joint pain. ”

Reflexology for Fertility

” I came for Reflexology treatment with Tracey Turton at Cheshire Natural Health before undergoing IVF. I feel that the treatment helped me to relax, and that it assisted me before and during my pregnancy. My husband certainly noticed my improved calmness after my treatments. I have also felt an improved sense of wellbeing. I would certainly recommend the treatment at Cheshire Natural Health for anyone undergoing IVF.
42 year old lady, undergoing IVF treatment. ”

Reflexology for Pain Management

” After being diagnosed with bowel cancer 3 years ago I continued to suffer from extreme abdominal pain.

After surgery for adhesions the pain continued and I was referred to a pain specialist.

I had a variety of medication including strong opiates yet still the pain continued. The pain was so debilitating I frequently had to stay in bed and my parents had to help look after my 3 year old.

At the end of my tether I decided to take back some control and made an appointment at Cheshire Natural Health for some reflexology. I was very sceptical about it helping with my pain but felt it would be a relaxing experience.

After 4 sessions of reflexology my pain has diminished to such a degree that I feel I have now got my life back. I was stunned at the success and the speed that the pain was under control. My energy levels have increased and I am now able to look after my very active little girl.

I cannot recommend Cheshire Natural Health strongly enough. It changed my life.

I will continue going for maintenance sessions but know that if my pain returns I have a very effective and positive way of coping with it. ”

R.S, aged 39

Reflexology for helping with stress and menopause

” I have been coming to CNH for reflexology for quite some time now.Initially I thought it would be beneficial in helping me to relax, as I was very stressed after losing my Mum. However, I was also starting to suffer from hot flushes, which at first occurred just at night, so were kind ofmanageable . But when they started happening during the day, I knew I had to take serious action. There was no question of me taking HRT – I wanted something completely drug-free.

So when Tracey mentioned that reflexology could be good for menopause, I decided to start having more regular sessions. The difference is amazing! I try to go every month now and my menstrual cycle has been significantly helped as well as me no longer having hot flushes – they disappeared after about two consecutive treatements! My early morning “panics” also dissipated. She’s fantastic. Now if she could only get me to shut up during my sessions, I might be able to relax completely…!

I also had some hot stone massage therapy which was wonderful.

Just a tip though, for both treatments – make sure you have someone come and pick you up: you’ll be so relaxed afterwards, you won’t want to drive yourself home! ”

Cecile Marchant, Warrington

Reflexology for Fertility and PCOS

” We had been trying for a baby for over a year and I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I read an article about the benefits of reflexology for infertility. After searching on the internet I was lucky to find Tracy locally and contacted her for advice. She helped me with nutrition and suggested an intensive course of reflexology to get my hormones and body back into balance. Not only did I feel in better health generally with bags more energy, but within 6 weeks I was pregnant. I’m sure that the combination of treatments and advice that Tracy gave me were the reason that we now have our wonderful little man. ”

SW, Crewe

Reflexology for fertility/ IVF support

” I was one of the last of my friends to marry and ‘settle down’ and likewise to start a family. None of my friends seemed to have experienced any fertility problems so I did not see any problem in being 34 when I got married and 35 when I started trying for a family. Unfortunately things were not so simple for me. My first pregnancy came two years after marriage and lasted 13 weeks. This was followed by a further 2 miscarriages in the following 12 months. I was in a responsible job which I enjoyed however it was quite hectic. I decided I needed to take a different approach to my pregnancy problems.
I was now 38 years old. I decided to go down the IVF route whilst it was still a viable option for me. But more importantly my lifestyle had to change. I needed to slow down and relax a little. Even if my IVF treatment worked, I would still have to carry a baby for 9 months which until now I had been unable to do. My sister in-law had recently trained in reflexology and had learnt about it’s fertility benefits and recommended I signed up for some treatment. I contacted Tracey. Tracey suggested reflexology every 4-6 weeks. I found this very relaxing and beneficial to my well being as a whole. Tracey treated me right through my IVF treatment, which was successful. My family commented that I had become more relaxed. I continued to see Tracey all through my pregnancy and am delighted to say I successfully carried my baby to full term and I am now the proud mother of a little girl. I continued to see Tracey after her birth and took her along to the reflexology sessions where she happily slept whilst Tracey treated me.
I would recommend reflexology to anyone who is experiencing fertility hitches – it’s certainly a very positive experience! ”

Debbie Crouch, Warrington

Reflexology for Fertility and PCOS

” Shortly before getting married I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. I had undergone an operation to remove a supposed ovarian cyst, only to be told the appearance of my ovaries was ‘unusual’. Whilst the only obvious symptom was my irregular periods, I was told that I ‘would probably need IVF’. I was devastated and spent most of the following year obsessed with my fertility. I first started seeing Tracey when I realised that, coupled with a stressful job, worrying about my fertility was getting me down. We did want to think about starting a family, but my state of mind was quite negative.
Not only did I enjoy my reflexology sessions for the relaxation and ‘me time’, I also noticed that my periods became more regular. I was also sleeping better and less focussed on my PCO. When we did decide to try for a baby , I conceived in the first month. I actually had a reflexology appointment when I must have literally been days pregnant. Tracy didn’t mention anything, but at the next appointment when I told her my news, she showed me that she had written in my notes that she thought I might be!
I had reflexology throughout my pregnancy, and I really benefited from it. I was relaxed about giving birth and felt really positive about how my body was coping. Tracy had also showed me some relaxation moves I could use myself, or could get my husband to try whilst I was in labour.
I actually went overdue, and Tracey used reflexology to help things along. Walking out of this treatment, my bump seemed to drop lower and I felt good. That night, I went into labour. Although it started very slowly, I was in established labour by the next afternoon and Lara was born just before 5pm in a birthing pool, happy and healthy. I felt mentally and physically strong and had no stitches or problems after the delivery. Lara was a calm and relaxed baby, and she is to this day as a little girl.
I would recommend Tracey to anyone who has fertility issues, or who wants to experience a relaxed and positive pregnancy. I think she really understands how all-consuming worrying about your fertility really is, and reflexology can really help both your body and mind.

PS. I now have a little boy, Harry, also supported by reflexology. ”

Emma Bannister, Northwich

Baby Joy

” My experience with holistic therapies began in November 2007 when I suffered a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks gestation.
When I became pregnant in September 2007 my husband and myself were so happy as the pregnancy was very much planned following our marriage 2 months earlier. I was devastated when on 19th November I had a show and wondered what was wrong. The following day I was scanned and showed that I was suffering with what they call I missed miscarriage, meaning that the baby had died but not expelled from the uterus. I was told that this occurred when the baby was approximately 7 weeks gestation.
I went home totally devastated to choose what to do.
The hospital gave me 3 options. The first was to let the miscarriage happen naturally, secondly to have medical management where you take medication to make the uterus expel the pregnancy or thirdly to have a D & C operation to manually remove the pregnancy.
Not wanting to undergo medical treatment I opted for the natural approach, to let nature take its course.
The weeks were passing by and nothing happening apart from constant on off bleeding and a lot of emotional stress. I felt hopeless and that it would never come to an end.
I attended Cheshire Natural Health to discus what I could do to help myself and my body to recover.
The lady at reception was so very helpful and sympathetic to my story and told me all about the treatments available to me, including reflexology, counselling, hypnotherapy and nutritional advice.
The reflexology with Tracey was amazing. Each time I attended I felt the improvement and always joked about feeling like I was floating down the stairs afterwards. I felt such a positive experience with this treatment. Not only did I fully recover from the physical part of the miscarriage and the healing of my reproductive organs, but I also relaxed immensely which helped in a big way with my emotional stress which I was going through.
I wanted nothing more than to be pregnant again as soon as possible as I knew this would help with my loss.
I attended counselling sessions and hypnotherapy, which also assisted tremendously with my recovery and return of confidence.
I also attended sessions for nutritional advice, to aid my recovery and prepare my body for another pregnancy. I was determined that I would get pregnant as soon as I could and that the next time would be successful.
The nutritionalist Angela gave me a lot of really good advice on what to eat and what to avoid. I noticed a big improvement as soon as I took up the advice and began my new diet with the suggestions given.
My miscarriage was taking a long time to come to an end which was making me suffer a tremendous amount of stress and emotional grief, however my full recovery I know was due to the treatments I had at Cheshire Natural Health, which I would highly recommend to anyone.
The staff are caring, understanding, very professional and really have helped me, so much so that I conceived straight away in February 2008 when the miscarriage came to an end. I truly believe that the treatments I had resulted in me conceiving so very quickly, especially the reflexology which I now swear by.
Our little angel is due any day now and my pregnancy has been perfect all the way through, which just goes to show that the holistic approach really has worked for me. ”

Louise Crawford

” I have suffered from IBS for over three years. I have been taking prescribed medicines from my doctor (Mebeverine, Ranitide, Buscopan) which sometimes helped but not with great effect. The pain was intense at times with wind, constipation and stomach cramps. At times my life was on hold as I could not make arrangements to go anywhere as I never knew how I would fee. Lately my condition worsened and after more visits to the doctor I was more or less told to “live with it”. In desperation I arranged a session of Reflexology with Tracey at Cheshire Natural Health. The relief was immediate. I cannot believe how it has changed my life back to normal after suffering for over three years. I would certainly recommend this treatment.

Thank you Tracey. ”

Barry Theobold.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

” So relaxing. Amazing massages from Kate and a really excellent range of treatments available. Little oasis of calm and peace. ”

Google Review

” Kate is a brilliant therapist who tailors each session to your needs each visit. The treatment for TMJ, in my case for a clicky and sore jaw, is well worth the short term pain as it brings relief for weeks, months at a time! I can also really recommend the head, neck and back massages as the best I have had. ”

” Over the years I have been coming to CNH (can’t remember how many years now) I’ve had various problems and seen Tracey for reflexology, Hannah for osteopathy, Christine for physiotherapy and Kate for massages. I can’t praise any of them highly enough and their professionalism is of a very high standard, they are all very knowledgeable, friendly and caring people. There is a lovely calm atmosphere to the whole place and being one of their clients it is like being part of a big, happy family. I know how hard Tracey works to maintain this happy, relaxed atmosphere and the degree of professionalism that goes with it. CNH has become a very important part of my life and even if I had no physical problems at all (I wish!) I would still want to come for reflexology and the occasional massage as both these treatments are so relaxing – a necessity given the pace of life and modern living I believe. A heartfelt thank you to all of you. ”

” I came to see Laura in a state of desperation. After 3 major hip operations, I have been left with extensive, internal scar tissue which was causing considerable problems with pain and mobility. I initially had 1 hour treatments every 3 weeks and then progressed to my current state of Sports Massage every other month, interspersed with reflexology on the alternate month. I now have my life back and that is no exaggeration. I am playing badminton again, I can tolerate long car journeys comfortably, I can walk without a limp and I am no longer on daily anti-inflammatory medication. Family, friends and colleagues have all noticed a significant change in me. Laura is a very skilled and diligent practitioner. This is no easy, relaxing massage but a truly effective treatment for musculoskeletal problems. Persevere with the first few sessions which are uncomfortable – it is definitely worth it. I can highly recommend Laura’s Sports Massage – worth every penny.

Kind regards ”


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