Martine Martinus

Registered Member BACP, Dip Counselling, Dip Supervision, Dip Hypno-psychotherapy


Martine is a specialist counsellor in bereavement by suicide and sudden traumatic death and has 8 years’ experience in working with adults, children and young people affected by these experiences. She has extensive, skills, knowledge and experience in crisis intervention and support and working with Trauma and complex grief. She also founded and set up a charity in November 2012,which specialises in working with people who are bereaved by suicide or sudden death and also those who may be having suicidal thoughts.

She is extremely passionate about her work and her mission to not only support families in crisis but in the prevention of suicide and unnecessary death.

When someone we love dies by suicide or from a traumatic situation, the grieving process can be more complex and even more difficult to resolve. The suicide of a loved one is an event of such intensity it can seriously wound a person’s sense of themselves, their value and worth, their world view and their sense of safety.

When a loved-one has died in any of these circumstances, survivors face the need to come to terms with not only the death itself, but also the manner of the death. It is common for survivors to agonise about what their loved ones experienced during their final moments of life; and if another person has been directly or indirectly responsible for the death and feelings of intense rage amongst other powerful emotions can occur. Survivor guilt is another common reaction, while some survivors blame themselves for the death or for not protecting their loved one.

Trauma is caused by witnessing disturbing and horrific scenes but can also occur for those who are not present, when they are told about what has happened. The experience of trauma is a reaction to these events.

As trauma is different to grief, trauma and grief may be experienced either alternately or at the same time.  Sometimes, the impact of the trauma must be addressed before the grieving process can begin.  In the early days following a traumatic death crisis intervention and support  is what is needed to try to makes sense of things, whilst feeling safe and emotionally held through a time of what feels like chaos. Once the initial shock has eased and the trauma has been addressed bereavement counselling can begin to help support the grieving process.

Current research into grief and loss teaches us that when a traumatic bereavement has occurred, while we still respect an individual’s way of coping with the loss, we should look out for signs and symptoms of potentially serious complications that could be alleviated with professional help and support. In particular, symptoms of severe major depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Martine also offers Counselling for Children & Young People


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