Benefits of a sports massage for runners

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If you are a runner, be it somebody who goes out occasionally or a serious marathon pace setter, then treating yourself to a sports massage can make all the difference to your jogging experience.

Having a regular sports massage can benefit your body no end. It can help you to recover from aches and pains and injuries that you inevitably pick up on your regular 10k route. Here at Cheshire Natural Health we have the answers for all of your burning sports massage questions. And when you’ve finished reading, take a look at our great special offer at the bottom.


So, what is a sports massage?

Essentially, the treatment involves a series of techniques that a skilled therapist uses to work on the runner’s tissues and muscle fibres to return them to the same state they were in before they exercised. It is great for treating injuries as well as an excellent preventative treatment, perfect for balancing muscle and improving posture. Not only will it restore you to peak condition it will also leave you feeling great, too.


When should you have a treatment?

Either before or after a run is a great time for a sports massage, so don’t worry if you think a particular time is inappropriate. Even having one during an event is not unheard of.

As you prepare for a big running event – a 10k, half-marathon or full marathon, say – it is a good idea to visit your therapist and have a sports massage treatment to keep your muscles and body tuned up. It is certainly advisable to receive treatment immediately after the running event or at the latest, a few days later to ensure any aches, pains or injuries are identified and dealt with.


Types of sports massage?

A pre-event massage – which helps to prepare runners for a competitive event – is brief and invigorating.

A post-event massage should be relaxing and its purpose is to decrease tension and muscle soreness by dispersing lactic acid and to reduce inflammation.


What to expect from a sports massage

Once the therapist has determined your exercise history and experience, your range of movement and flexibility, the treatment will begin by warming up your muscles. This can be done through gentle manipulation and the use of oils. Little by little, your therapist will work deeper and deeper into your muscles, starting at the surface.


Health benefits and resulting well-being

A sports massage for runners will help to relax tense muscles and also helps to remove minor scar tissue between muscles and muscle fascia, which can all restrict your movement and range of motion. In effect, it helps to reduce the pain you experience after an intensive run – helping you to recover quicker and get back out running once more.


Special offer for sports massage

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If you want to find out more about how a sports massage can help you and your running, get in touch with us at Cheshire Natural Health. To book a sports massage, call us on 01925 730123, or call into the clinic at Beehive House, Tarporley Road, Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 4ND.


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