Ask the therapist – Who can use homeopathy?

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In this article our Homeopath, Carol Reynolds, answers the question that we are often asked- Who can use Homeopathy?

“The easy answer is most people. Patients receive medicine called remedies. These are small sugar pills. Homeopathy is safe for babies, children & pregnant women. It is a safe, natural and side effect free medical system.

Examples of typical types of things I treat are as follows:

-for pregnant women, complaints in pregnancy like nausea. Also, complaints like hay fever when normally prescribed drugs can’t be used.

-for babies and children, colic, eczema, asthma, recurrent infections e.g. ear & throat, or any recurrent problem that the child isn’t bouncing back from. Also, anxiety any Autistic spectrum disorders.

-for teenagers, acne, exam stress, anxiety and self-confidence issues.

-for women, anything physical like irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, problems around periods. Also, any emotional issues.

Most people say they are STRESSED! What is stress for them and how their body reacts emotionally & physically is what helps me pick the right remedy for them. Then the remedy helps them to feel better. Feeling better emotionally and being more resilient in stressful situations will help people maintain their health.

During the consultation, I do ask about how people are feeling and what’s going on in their lives. People say it’s like counselling and they enjoy someone spending time listening to them and helping them understand connections between what is going on in their life, how they are reacting, and how they might react differently.”

If you could like any further information on how homeopathy can help you, just get in touch.