Are you caring for someone with Dementia?

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Who is Caring for you?

Caring for a family member, friend or neighbour with dementia can be a rich source of satisfaction in people’s lives. It can be life-affirming. It can help deepen and strengthen relationships. It can teach you a multitude of skills and help you realise potential you never thought you had.

But without the right support, caring for a person with dementia can have a significant impact on a carer’s life.

If you feel you are struggling and experiencing feelings of guilt, being trapped, lost and exhausted due to navigating through the complex social care system requirements, then counselling could be an option for you.

Our counsellor Estelle Linney specialises in the awareness of dementia and the affects this can have on carers, especially how this can change relationships. She provides a safe and understanding environment for you to talk things through and offers the support you feel you need.

Counselling is offered at a concessionary rate for primary carers of persons living with dementia.

Caring is something that will affect each and every one of us in our lifetime, whether we become a carer, or need care ourselves. For further information and an initial chat with Estelle, please email: [email protected] or contact the clinic on 01925 730123

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